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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
BART to Silicon Valley - What's Next? April 2006
Sixth National Garrett Morgan on Sustainable Transportation Symposium March 2006
Can Consumer Information Tighten The Transportation/Land-Use Link? A Simulation Experiment March 2006 Levine, Rodriguez, Song & Weinstein
Designing and Operating Safe and Secure Transit Systems: Assessing Current Practices in the United States and Abroad November 2005 Taylor, Sideris, Liggett, Fink, Wachs, Cavanagh, Cherry & Haas
High-Speed Rail Projects in the United States: Identifying the Elements for Success-Part 1 October 2005 Cerreno, Evans & Permut
Verifying the Accuracy of Land Use Models Used in Transportation and Air Quality Planning: A Case Study in the Sacramento, CA Region October 2005 Rodier
Ridership Enhancement Quick Study September 2005
Third National Transportation Security Summit: rail security--a symposium on terrorism and business continuity September 2005 MTI Staff
Fifth National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium May 2005
The Impact of Telecommuter Rail Cars on Modal Choice May 2005 Hayton
Modeling Long-Range Transportation and Land Use Scenarios for the Sacramento Region, Using Citizen-Generated Policies May 2005 Johnston, Gao & Clay
Bus in the Fast Lane: A Forum on Bus Rapid Transit in the Bay Area May 2005
The Pasadena Gold Line: Development Strategies, Local Decisions, and Travel Characteristics along a New Rail Line in the Los Angeles Region April 2005 Lund & Willson
Higher-Density Plans: Tools for Community Engagement September 2004 Schreiber, Binger & Church
Using Spatial Indicators for Pre-and Post -Development Analysis of TOD Areas: A Case Study of Portland and the Silicon Valley September 2004 Schlossberg, Brown, Bossard & Roemer
Fourth National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium June 2004
The Future of Transportation Education: A Needs Assessment of the Transportation Management Program at San José State University June 2004 Valenty
Fast Tracks in the Golden State: Symposia on California High-Speed Rail Proceedings Summary December 2003
No Road, No Rage: A Forum on Expanding Bay Area Ferry Service September 2003
Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks September 2003 Jenkins & Winslow




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