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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
Generic Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Plan for State-Level Transportation Agencies August 2011 Edwards, Goodrich & Medigovich
Revisiting Factors Associated with the Success of Ballot Initiatives with a Substantial Rail Transit Component June 2011 Haas & Estrada
What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options? Results From Year 2 of a National Survey June 2011 Agrawal & Nixon
Potential Economic Consequences of Local Nonconformity to Regional Land Use and Transportation Plans Using a Spatial Economic Model June 2011 Rodier, Spiller, Abraham & Hunt
Understanding Household Preferences For Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Technologies June 2011 Nixon & Saphores
Tribal Corridor Management Planning: Model, Case Study, and Guide for Caltrans District 1 June 2011 Scoggin & Adams
User Evaluations of Intermodal Travel to Work: Exploratory Studies June 2011 Silver
Bicycling Access and Egress to Transit: Informing the Possibilities April 2011 Krizek, Stonebraker & Tribbey
Examination of Regional Transit Service Under Contracting: A Case Study in the Greater New Orleans Region April 2011 Iseki, Rivasplata, Houtman, Smith, Seifert & Sudar
The Intersection of Urban Form and Mileage Fees: Findings from the Oregon Road User Fee Pilot Program March 2011 Guo, Agrawal, Dill, Quirk & Reese
An Investigation into Constraints to Sustainable Vehicle Ownership: A Focus Group Study March 2011 Flamm & Agrawal
Lessons Learned in Attempting to Survey Hard-to-Reach Ethnic Segments Along with the Presentation of a Comprehensive Questionnaire January 2011 Werbel
Getting Around When You're Just Getting By: The Travel Behavior and Transportation Expenditures of Low-Income Adults January 2011 Agrawal, Blumenberg, Abel, Pierce & Darrah
Measuring Walking and Cycling Using the PABS (Pedestrian and Bicycling Survey) Approach: A Low-Cost Survey Method for Local Communities December 2010 Forsyth, Krizek & Agrawal
Reliability Centered Maintenance: A Case Study of Railway Transit Maintenance to Achieve Optimal Performance November 2010 Marten
Suicides on Commuter Rail in California: Possible Patterns – A Case Study November 2010 Botha, Elmasu & Leitzell
Turning Over a New Leaf: The start of an electric vehicle revolution November 2010
Policy Issues in U.S. Transportation Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons from Australia July 2010 Czerwinski & Geddes
From Buses to BRT: Case Studies of Incremental BRT Projects in North America June 2010 Niles & Jerram
Exploring the Effectiveness of Transit Security Awareness Campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area June 2010 Rohlich, Haas & Edwards




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