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For admitted MSTM students

Students who have been formally accepted ("matriculated") to the MSTM program must register through MySJSU. Use your current login information and follow the standard process for adding a class.

For graduate certificate and “undecided” students

If you are seeking a Graduate Certificate rather than an MSTM, or you prefer to begin taking classes towards the MSTM before you apply for admission to the program, register through Open University. To register, complete the following steps no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the session:

  • If you are applying for a graduate certificate, please complete this brief application. (If you plan to apply for the MS program, you do not need to complete this application)
  • Complete the top part of the Registration Form, down to the "Course Request" section. (Do NOT fill out the "Course Request" section; this will be done for you.)
    • Please do not print this form, which is a fill-able PDF. Instead, complete the form online and submit.
  • Send an email to MSTM Director Asha Weinstein Agrawal ( with (1) the completed form and (2) the name of course you wish to take (e.g., "MTM 245). If this is the first MTM course you are taking, you need to include n transcript for your undergraduate degree or a graduate degree. 

Note: Up to 9 Open University units can later be applied toward the MSTM degree if you decide to pursue that option.



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