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Mineta Leadership Academy

The Mineta Leadership Academy is devoted to developing exceptional public sector leaders to serve the transportation industry. The Academy provides individuals in mid-level to senior management positions with opportunities to improve leadership skills, enhance their leadership competencies, and work with peers and mentors in the transportation industry. Following the example of our founder and namesake U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary, Norman Y. Mineta, the Academy cultivates leadership excellence in a diverse group of professionals who are committed to building and maintaining a world-class transportation system in an environment that is constantly changing. 

MTI is pleased to launch the Mineta Leadership Fellows Program video series which features influential leaders in the transportation sector discussing their leadership styles and how they have successfully built strong, inclusive teams. Our distinguished leaders also provide insight into the challenges they have experienced and the techniques they have learned to build consensus, shared values, and a vision for the future. 

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What does the Academy include?

Public sector leaders in the transportation industry are charged with managing and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure. This infrastructure is essential to the nation’s commerce, economic competitiveness, mobility, and national security. Today’s public sector leaders face a plethora of challenges that include rapidly changing technology, cybersecurity, public-private partnerships, funding constraints and more, all of which require new skills and competencies to be successful. 

MTI is pleased to announce that we will be offering Professional Development Hours credit for our Leadership Academy. Participants will be able to receive a certificate documenting participation.

The Mineta Transportation Institute offers courses, taught by industry leaders, that develop the skills necessary to address these challenges, including:

Leadership Academy courses

How is the Academy taught? 

MTI adapts the format and curriculum of each Academy to the needs of its specific participants. Academies may meet for full or half days for a few to several months, depending on the needs of the group. Each participant also spends time outside of formal meetings gathering information and conducting research. 

The Academy uses the following activities to facilitate learning: 

  • Discussions with nationally recognized leaders and experts  
  • Exploration of relevant reading materials/podcasts on leadership strategies
  • Simulation exercises that expose participants to real-world transportation challenges
  • Group projects addressing leadership challenges, which provide opportunities to collaborate with peers 
  • An in-depth managerial and leadership assessment that highlights an individual’s strengths and identifies areas to focus on
  • Creation of an individualized leadership plan to establish goals and measure progress
  • Presentations to industry leaders with opportunities for feedback 

Who participates in the Academy?

Motivated, highly qualified participants create a successful academy. Typically, participants come from mid-level to senior management positions. 

The Academy:

  • Engages public sector leaders in improving their leadership skills/competencies
  • Attracts those who desire to network with peers and mentors in the industry
  • Selects participants through self-volunteer, competition, or recommendation

For additional information or questions regarding the MTI Leadership Academy, please email: mineta-leadership@sjsu.edu.



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