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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
08/10/2022 SJSU Teaches Transportation Impact and Innovations to High School Students SJSU News Center
08/09/2022 Transit Is Seeing More Cyber Threats, Many Agencies Aren’t Ready Government Technology
08/08/2022 Future leaders in transportation tour Santa Clara VTA Mass Transit Magazine
08/06/2022 Cargo Bikes Cleaner than Trucks Cycling Utah
08/04/2022 Philbrick: Making fareless transit a reality San José Spotlight
08/03/2022 Wrapping up the 2022 Bay Area Summer Academy MTC
08/01/2022 Public transit agencies are vulnerable to cyber threats, researchers warn GCN
08/01/2022 Cyber Strength: Aligning Transit Agencies & Vendors in the Face of Increasing Cyber Risk TRB Daily
07/29/2022 July 2022 I Will Ride Update I Will Ride California High-Speed Rail
07/28/2022 Extreme heat threatens BART, other rail systems KTVU FOX 2
07/27/2022 MTI researchers identify steps toward increased cyber protection Transportation Today
07/26/2022 Cyber strength: Aligning transit agencies and vendors in face of increasing cyber risk Mass Transit
07/25/2022 MTI Research Shows How U.S. Transit, Vendors Can Focus on Cybersecurity METRO Magazine
07/24/2022 Highways News UK Exclusive: New US report helps transport agencies cope with increasing cyber risk Highways News
07/23/2022 Bay Area high school students get a transportation lesson at San Jose State East Bay Times
07/20/2022 MTI Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition ACCELERATE
07/20/2022 2022 Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation ACCELERATE
07/19/2022 無人機可解決交通問題 聖荷西州大設專門課程 Sing Tao Daily
07/19/2022 无人机可解决交通问题,圣荷西州大设专门课程
07/19/2022 Estudiantes aprenden con drones sobre carreras profesionales en el Área de la Bahía Univision
07/19/2022 Mineta Transportation Institute Executive Director Karen Philbrick and SJSU Assistant Professor Bo Yang discuss the Mineta Summer Transportation Institute program KTSF26
07/19/2022 San Jose high school students learn more about future of transportation KCBS Radio
07/18/2022 San Jose State hosts summer drone-flying class for high school students CBS Bay Area
07/18/2022 Organization wants to see free public transportation during off-peak hours KCBS Radio



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