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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
05/24/2024 High-Speed Rail Gets A Boost In The U.S. Science Friday
05/24/2024 Americans prefer emissions-based tax to flat-rate transport fees Cities Today
05/23/2024 Research shows support for road usage charging IBTTA Smart Brief
05/23/2024 Not One More Girl Initiative combats gender-based harassment on BART, develops culture change model The Daily Californian
05/23/2024 EUA quem trem bala ligando Los Angeles a Las Legas até a Copa de 2028 O Cafézinho
05/22/2024 51% of Americans Support a Mileage Fee if the Rate Varies by How Much the Vehicle Pollutes; Understanding Factors That Influence Drivers Yielding To Pedestrians American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
05/22/2024 Study shows support for big rig mileage fees The Trucker
05/21/2024 Latest Mineta Transportation Institute survey finds 51 percent of Americans support pollution-emission based mileage fee to raise transportation revenue Mass Transit Magazine
05/21/2024 More than half of Americans would be amenable to mileage fees KCBS Radio
05/21/2024 Events: Get inspired about affordable housing in DC Greater Greater Washington
05/20/2024 WTS International elects new directors for 2024-26 ITS International
05/20/2024 MTI Report Finds 51% Support Mileage Fee if Varied by Pollution Levels Metro Magazine
05/17/2024 High-Speed Rail Finally Coming to the U.S. Projin News
05/16/2024 High-Speed Rail Finally Coming to the U.S. IEEE Spectrum
05/16/2024 Buttigieg, Pelosi, Other Leaders Headline U.S. High-Speed Rail Conference Morningstar
05/15/2024 Innovation in the Transportation Industry Rests on Gender Diversity Digital CxO
05/13/2024 Join a webinar on alternatives to fuel tax revenue Greater Greater Washington
05/08/2024 Celebrating Paul’s Newest Book: The New Future of Public Transportation Transit Unplugged
05/07/2024 Local middle schoolers win the national Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition Tri-City Voice
05/01/2024 Public transit urged to take cybersecurity seriously ICMA SmartBrief
04/30/2024 Light at the end of the tunnel: Public Transit Cybersecurity and Insurance Outlooks in 2024 Fast Mail - Community Transportation Association of America
04/29/2024 Who’s to Blame for Tuesday’s Headlines? A new report from the Mineta Transportation Institute examines the cybersecurity threats facing transit. Streetsblog USA
04/26/2024 Report examines cybersecurity in transit – Transportation Today WiredFocus
04/26/2024 Report examines cybersecurity in transit Transportation Today News
04/25/2024 Latest MTI report outlines changing pattern in transit cybersecurity risk and how to manage it Mass Transit Magazine



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