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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
07/11/2024 Latest MTI perspective reveals public transportation agencies struggle engaging stakeholders Mass Transit
07/11/2024 WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT California's Gas Tax Politico
07/10/2024 Recursos sobre cambio climático para jóvenes –. News es euro
07/09/2024 New MTI research develops policy recommendations for equity framework for Santa Clara VTA’s proposed Equitable VMT Mitigation Program Mass Transit
07/09/2024 An Equitable VMT Mitigation Program is in the works in the South Bay KCBS Radio
07/08/2024 Mineta Report Examines Building Equity into VMT Mitigation Program Metro Magazine
07/05/2024 Launching Successful Innovations at SEPTA with Emily Yates Transit Unplugged
06/19/2024 MTI releases Defining and Measuring Equity in Public Transportation report Mass Transit
06/17/2024 Dewan: Climate change resources for youth San Jose Spotlight
06/17/2024 Dewan: Climate change resources for youth San José Spotlight
06/10/2024 INFRASTUCTURE: Watson Los Angeles Business Journal
06/06/2024 VTA’s Eastridge light-rail extension will fulfill a decades-long promise East Bay Times
06/06/2024 VTA’s Eastridge light-rail extension will fulfill a decades-long promise The Mercury News
06/06/2024 Philbrick: Insight into transit-oriented affordable housing San José Spotlight
06/05/2024 Celebrating Paul’s Newest Book: The New Future of Public Transportation Transit Unplugged
06/04/2024 Editor’s Notebook: How to measure transit insecurity? Mass Transit
05/30/2024 WHITE PAPER: Cybersecurity risks in transit and how to address them Traffic Technology Today
05/29/2024 If Rate Varies By How Much Vehicles Pollute, Then Mileage Fee Supported By 51% Of Americans, Survey Shows Science Blog
05/26/2024 High-Speed Rail Finally Coming to the U.S. The Madras Tribune
05/25/2024 Pomp, circumstance and 7,600 SJSU diplomas News Continue
05/25/2024 15th Annual Mineta National Transportation Policy Summit—Beyond the Pump: Rethinking Transportation Funding Without the Fuel Tax Commonwealth Club of California Podcast
05/24/2024 Americans prefer emissions-based tax to flat-rate transport fees Cities Today
05/24/2024 Friday’s Headlines Depend on How You Phrase It Streets Blog USA
05/24/2024 High-Speed Rail Gets A Boost In The U.S. Science Friday



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