Fees and Financial Assistance

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Students pay tuition for MTM classes on a per-course basis. As of Fall 2024, the cost is $1,485 per 3-unit course.

Fees are due and payable at the time of registration.

Options for financial assistance include:

  • Financial aid programs administered by the Financial Aid Office of San José State University. (Only admitted MSTM students are eligible.)

  • Employer reimbursement programs for employees' career-related educational expenses. (Check with your employer's training coordinator to see if this is an option.)

  • Fellowships offered by professional organizations such as APTA and WTS.

  • Fellowships offered by the Mineta Transportation Institute.

If you have questions about tuition and financial assistance programs, contact the MSTM Interim Director at david.czerwinski@sjsu.edu.

San José State University Financial Aid

Admitted MSTM students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid. For complete details and application procedures, visit the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office on the SJSU website.

Here are a few tips specific to MSTM students:

  • Graduate students are eligible for Stafford Unsubsidized or Grad Plus loans.

  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 4 units per semester (fall or spring) to be eligible for federal aid.

  • Students who are eligible for federal financial aid may be eligible for a tuition deferment.

Fellowships from the Mineta Transportation Institute

The Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) is proud to have supported MSTM students with close to $1 million in fellowships since the program began in 1996.

Matriculated MSTM students are eligible to apply for MTI fellowships, with the dollar amount varying each semester. The exact value of the fellowship will be determined each semester according to the number of eligible applicants and available funding. MTI plans to offer at least $20,000 per semester in fellowships.

To qualify for a fellowship, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a matriculated (degree-seeking) student in the MSTM program

  • Complete at least two classes during the semester and earn a grade of B or better in each class taken. During the fall semester, classes may be taken in the Fall-A and/or Fall-B sessions; in the spring semester classes may be taken in Spring-A and/or Spring-B. (Note: Fellowships will not be granted to students who have a grade of "Incomplete" outstanding 3 weeks after the end of the semester.),

  • Not have received more than two prior MTI fellowships (students may earn a maximum of three MTI fellowships).

  • Not have been awarded any other MTI cash award or scholarship for the same semester


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