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Archived 1999-2019 newsletters.






Special Feature: Get to Know Trustee April Rai

Urban Planning for a Better Future: Insights from an International Collaboration

PlaceIt! Workshops: Transforming Urban Planning through Play and Community Engagement



Special Feature: Get to Know Trustee Kyle Holland

Remembering Secretary Norman Y. Mineta

USDOT Headquarters to be Named for Secretaries Coleman and Mineta

MTI Research Spotlight Shines on Climate Resiliency in Transportation

Special Feature: Get to Know MTI Trustee Director Tavares


MTI Trustee Fernandez Joins Biden Administration

MTI Trustee Mims Joins Biden Administration

Special Feature: Get to Know Secretary Kim

Special Feature: Get to Know Trustee Kim Slaughter

Special Feature: Get to Know Trustee Steve Morrisey

Special Feature: Researcher Dr. Beverly Scott



Flore Mountsambote


Embodying Equity: Why I Became a Transportation Planner by Flore Mountsambote


Therese McMillan


People, Place, and Public Good: Advancing Transportation through Connection by Therese McMillan



Connecting the Dots: From Civic Engagement to Transportation Policy and Planning by David S. Kim



People-First Leadership: Insights from a 50-Year Career in Transportation by Will Kempton


Navigating the Labor Movement: From Legislation to Transportation Leadership by Greg Regan





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