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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
Mapping of Pavement Conditions Using Smartphone/Tablet LiDAR Case Study: Sensor Performance Comparison July 2024 Beavers, Day, Krietemeyer, Peterson, Ahn & Li
Exploring Performance-Based Contracts: A Good Option to Address Long-Term Road Maintenance in California? July 2024 Calahorra-Jimenez & Poythress
Older Adult-Friendly Active Mobility Infrastructure Toolkits: Understanding How Older Adults Experience Poorly Designed and Maintained Infrastructure July 2024 Kachadoorian
Steering Success: AC Transit’s Holistic Strategy for Bus Operator Shortage July 2024 Rose
Cycling and Nature: A Look at the Connection Between Cycling and Nature for Older Adults July 2024 Kachadoorian
Not Just Checking a Box: What Does Effective Stakeholder Engagement in Public Transit Look Like? July 2024 Schank & Huang
Fresno County Afterschool Transportation Education June 2024 Wandeler & Mercado
Examining Transit Service Improvements with Internet-of-Things (IoT): A Disparity Analysis June 2024 Chandra, Valencia & Oruganti
Traffic Sign Extraction from Mobile LiDAR Point Cloud June 2024 Ahn, Munjy & Li
Smart Robot Design and Implementation to Assist Pedestrian Road Crossing June 2024 Kulhandjian
Enhancing Evacuation Warning Responsiveness: Exploring the Impact of Social Interactions through an Agent-Based Model Approach June 2024 Salazar, Medrano, Medina, Roa & Pesantez
Transit Workforce Development Challenges and Mitigation Practices May 2024 Godfrey
Does California High-Speed Rail Promote Accessibility for Station Cities?: Case Study of Fresno and Merced May 2024 Wang & Chen
Impervious Surfaces from High Resolution Aerial Imagery: Cities in Fresno County May 2024 Ahn & Poythress
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Transportation? Results from Year Fifteen of a National Survey May 2024 Agrawal & Nixon
Exploring Equity Frameworks for a Cross-Jurisdictional Vehicle Miles Traveled Mitigation Program in Santa Clara County May 2024 Alexander, Chen & Belote-Broussard
Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel? The Outlook for Cybersecurity Insurance and Transit in 2024 April 2024 Belcher & Chollet
The Transportation Sector, Cap-and-Trade and Blockchain: A Carbon Credit Trading Platform April 2024 Mankar & Golshani
How Will California’s Electric Vehicle Policy Impact State-Generated Transportation Revenues? Projecting Scenarios through 2040 March 2024 Agrawal, King & Tasaico
Planning for Advanced Air Mobility March 2024 Cohen, Shaheen, Wulff




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