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Title Date Author
Evaluating Alternative Measures of Bicycling Level of Traffic Stress Using Crowdsourced Route Satisfaction Data September 2019 Harvey, Fang, & Rodriquez
Developing a Fair Accessibility Framework through Green (Non-Auto) Transportation Modes for Fresno, California August 2019 Wang & Chen
The “GO-Virtual Initiative”: Using Flexible Workplace Practices to Reduce Traffic Congestion, Increase Economic Development, and Provide More Access to Affordable Housing Choices in the South Bay Region of Los Angeles County August 2019 Prager, Rhoads, Martinez, Cagle, Baum & Bacharach
Community Benefits and Lessons for Local Engagement in a California Open Streets Event: A Mixed-Methods Assessment of Viva CalleSJ 2018 August 2019 Douglas, Agrawal, Currin-Percival, Cushing, & DeHaan
Full Potential of Future Robotaxis Achievable with Trip-Based Subsidies and Fees Applied to the For-Hire Vehicles of Today August 2019 Niles
Green Strategies for Design and Construction of Non-Auto Transportation Infrastructure July 2019 Nazari, Tehrani, Ansari, Jeevanlal, Rahman, & Farshidpour
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a School-Based Intervention on Driving-Related Carbon Emissions Using Real-Time Transportation Data July 2019 Cordero & Centeno
Sensitivity Analysis on Semi-Circular Bending Tests Using the Plackett-Burman Matrix July 2019 Saadeh, Al-Zubi & Renteria
The Impact of ZEV Adoption on California Transportation Revenue July 2019 Wachs, King & Agrawal
Modeling the Effect of a Road Construction Project on Transportation System Performance June 2019 Kukkapalli & Pulugurtha