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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
COVID-19’s Potential Impact on Cities: Five Trends and Indicators to Watch October 2020 Cohen
Southern California Regional Workforce Development Needs Assessment for the Transportation and Supply Chain Industry Sectors October 2020 O’Brien, Matsumoto, Sanchez, Mace, Warren, Hala & Reeb
Metal Against Marchers: An Analysis of Recent Incidents Involving Vehicle Assaults at U.S. Political Protests and Rallies October 2020 Jenkins & Butterworth
Promoting Transit-Oriented Developments by Addressing Barriers Related to Land Use, Zoning, and Value Capture October 2020 Mathur & Gatdula
Freight Demand Model for Southern California Freeways with Owner–Operator Truck Drivers October 2020 Kim, Dominguez & Diaz
Public Equity to Match Private Investment in Infrastructure October 2020 Hedlund
A Policy Framework for the Future of Automated Mobility: The Need for Local Government Policy October 2020 Riggs
Characteristics of Effective Metropolitan Areawide Public Transit: A Comparison of European, Canadian, and Australian Case Studies September 2020 DeRobertis, Ferrell, Lee & Eells
Automatic Traffic Monitoring and Management for Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Using Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence September 2020 Pourhomayoun
Altamont Pass Commuter Study: A Longitudinal Analysis of Perceptions and Behavior Change September 2020 Panagopoulos, Soydemirc & Xu
Analysis of the Benefits of Green Streets September 2020 Ferrell, Eells, Lee & Hosseinzade
Will Ride-Hailing Enhance Mobility for Older Adults? A California Survey September 2020 Agrawal, Shirgaokar, Misra, Wachs & Dobbs
Is the Transit Industry Prepared for the Cyber Revolution? Policy Recommendations to Enhance Surface Transit Cyber Preparedness September 2020 S. Belcher, T. Belcher, Greenwald & Thomas
Measuring Success for Safe Routes to School Programs September 2020 Voulgaris, Alexander, Hosseinzade, Jimenez, Lee & Pande
A Micro-Scale Analysis of Cycling Demand, Safety, and Network Quality September 2020 Ryan, Garate & Foote
Performance Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Biochar August 2020 Saadeh, Al-Zubi & Zaatarah
Eco-Driving Systems for Connected Automated Vehicles: Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimization August 2020 Huang & Yang
Surveying Silicon Valley on Cycling, Travel Behavior, and Travel Attitudes August 2020 Fang
A Visible Light Communications Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems August 2020 Kulhandjian
Stability of Fiber-Reinforced Bridge Bearings under Compression and Shear Loads July 2020 Calabrese, Galano & Trana




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