Mineta Consortium for Equitable, Efficient, and Sustainable Transportation

The Mineta Consortium for Equitable, Efficient, and Sustainable Transportation (MCEEST), led by the Mineta Transportation Institute at San José State University, conducts research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer activities to improve the mobility of people and goods. MCEEST’s work advances equitable, efficient, and sustainable transportation so people in every community can connect to the people, places, and opportunities that make their lives meaningful.

The Consortium supports cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities that contribute to effective transportation decision making. MCEEST focuses on advancing the USDOT Strategic Plan goals of Equity, with Climate and Sustainability and Economic Strength and Global Competitiveness as secondary strategic goals. To that end, this Consortium is designed to foster synergies between leaders in transportation planning, policy, and engineering, each with a long and distinguished track record of innovative, multimodal, and transformative solutions that meet our nation’s mobility challenges and promote connections between local and national communities.

MCEEST unifies and focuses the efforts of four outstanding institutions that represent and support the geographical, cultural, racial, and socioeconomic diversity that makes our nation strong: Howard University; Navajo Technical University; San José State University; and the University of South Florida.



Contact Us

SJSU Research Foundation   210 N. 4th Street, 4th Floor, San Jose, CA 95112    Phone: 408-924-7560   Email: mineta-institute@sjsu.edu