At the core of transportation is the human experience, the movement of people and goods, and transportation research must remain human-centered as well as data-driven in order to optimize impact on individual communities and the world. Efficient, equitable, and sustainable solutions require rigorous applied research supported by collaboration and innovation. MCEEST unites the collective expertise and resources of its partners to ensure that the betterment of the human experience remains the focal point of its innovative research, in alignment with the Consortium's goals and objectives.

Goal: Lead the nation in data-driven, human-centered research that delivers equitable, efficient, and sustainable transportation solutions that increase the mobility of people and goods and strengthen the nation’s economy and global competitiveness. 

  • Objective 1: Create a safer, more reliable, and more resilient transportation system that improves equity through increased access to jobs, housing, services, and other opportunities for historically underserved communities.

  • Objective 2: Reduce transportation’s impact on climate change by identifying feasible alternative modes and effective ways to reduce vehicle miles traveled.

Research and Consulting Associate Certification

MCEEST’s research is conducted by certified Research and Consulting Associates. Certification usually requires a PhD, but practitioners with an advanced degree and a record of peer-reviewed, published research also may qualify. More information about applying for certification, and to view a list of current RAs and CAs, please visit our Research and Consulting Associates page.



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