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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
Analyzing the Use and Impacts of Oakland Slow Streets and Potential Scalability Beyond Covid-19 July 2022 Douglas & David Moore
Connected Simulation for Work Zone Safety Application July 2022 Balali
Developing a Feasible Business Model for Expanding the EV Market to Lower Income Californians July 2022 Sarofim & Tawfik
Contracting Strategies: A Different Approach to Address Long-term Performance July 2022 Jimenez
Wastewater-derived Ammonia for a Green Transportation Fuel July 2022 Kalman & Haddad
Aligning the Transit Industry and Their Vendors in the Face of Increasing Cyber Risk: Recommendations for Identifying and Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges July 2022 Belcher, Belcher, Seckman, Thomas & Yaqub
Influence of Level 1 and Level 2 Automated Vehicles on Fatal Crashes and Fatal Crash Occurrence June 2022 Gajera, Pulugurtha & Mathew
Impact of Dedicated Bus Lanes on Intersection Operations and Travel Time Model Development June 2022 Arhin, Manandhar, Obike & Anderson
Free Transit: It All Depends on How June 2022 Schank & Huang
COVID-19 Public Transportation Air Circulation and Virus Mitigation Study June 2022 Tawfik, Law, Grasis, Oldham & Salem
Risk Factors Associated with Crash Injury Severity Involving Trucks June 2022 Pulugurtha, Duvvuri & Mathew
Modeling and Predicting Geospatial Teen Crash Frequency June 2022 Pulugurtha, Duvvuri & Mathew
Evaluation of Sustainability Determinants to Develop a Sustainability Rating System for California Infrastructure Construction Projects June 2022 Kim & McCarthy
Transportation Utility Fee to Fund Transit in California June 2022 Mathur & Robinson
Evaluation of Polymer Binder Technisoil G5® in Concrete Mixture June 2022 Saadeh & Katawal
Assessing Public Health Benefits of Replacing Freight Trucks with Cargo Cycles in Last Leg Delivery Trips in Urban Centers June 2022 Hartle, Elrahman, Wang, Rodriguez, Ding & McGahan
Robots Among Us: An Analysis of Community Perspectives and Reactions toward Sidewalk Delivery Robots in the City of San José May 2022 Alexander
Investigating the Resilience of Accessibility to Emergency and Lifesaving Facilities under Natural Hazards May 2022 Wang & Chen
Protecting Our Community from the Hidden Vulnerabilities of Today’s Intelligent Transportation Systems May 2022 Tayeb
Feasibility Study of Regional Air Mobility Services for High Priority Transportation in the San Joaquin Valley May 2022 Roa & Oldham




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