Research In Progress

Topic Project Number
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Automated Vehicles 1706
Microscopic Simulation, Complete Streets, and Tactical Urbanism Strategies to Enhance Multimodal Transportation in Downtown Jose 1712
The Potential for Using Transit Smart Cards to Encourage Regional Transportation and Land Use Integration 1797
A Smart Growth Calculator 1805
From Complete Streets to Complete, Green, and Sustainable Streets 1807
Crime and Harassment on Public Transportation: A Survey of SJSU Students Set in International Context 1810
Promises and Projects: Examining Accountability and Equity in County Sales Tax Measures for Transportation in California 1811
Evaluation of Different Coordinated Ramp Metering (CRM) Systems’ Performance based on Reliability, Efficiency, and Safety Criteria 1812
Impact of Smart Phones' Interaction Modality on Driving Performance for Conventional and Autonomous Vehicles 1813
Will Older Californians Step into Ride-Sharing Services? Evaluating the Potential of Transportation Network Companies to Enhance Multimodal Travel for Seniors 1815
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Transit Access Modes: A Case Study in the San Francisco Bay Area 1816
Congestion-Clearing Payments to Passengers 1817
Harnessing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs) Mitigation Potential of On-demand Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) 1818
Promoting Transit-Oriented Developments (TODs): Policy Options, Strategies and Tools to Facilitate TOD-supportive Land Use/Zoning and Use of Transit- and TOD-generated Land Value Increase to Fund TODs 1819
TOD and Park-and-Ride: Which is Appropriate Where? 1820
Safe Routes to Schools Intersectional Analysis 1821
Estimating Impacts of Automated Shuttles 1822
Regional Planning and Regulatory Priorities for Integrating Drone Technology in Smart Cities 1823
Wireless Power Charging of Electric Vehicles Using Resonant Converters 1835
Harmonizing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Transportation and Land-Use Planning in California Cities 1856
Investing in California’s Transportation Future: Public Opinion on Critical Needs 1861
Investigation of Safe, Reliable and Collision Free Autonomous Public Transportation Systems via Guaranteed Sequential Trajectory Optimization 1877
Freeways and Farms: Prusch & Taylor Street Urban Farms Study 1890
The Smart Growth Livability Calculator 1899
Caltrans Tribal Planning 1902