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Topic Project Number Principal Investigator
Caltrans Tribal Planning 1902 Seetha N. Reddy
Curbside Management: Understanding Impacts of On-Demand Mobility on Public Transit Use and Vulnerable Road Users 1904 Susan Shaheen, PhD
Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles: Ownership and Adoption Dynamics 1905 Jean-Daniel Saphores, PhD & Hilary Nixon, PhD
Enhancement of Asphalt Performance by Graphene-based Bitumen Nanocomposites 1918 Ehsan Barjasteh
Parking Automation Infrastructure 1936 Mahdi Yoozbashizadeh, PhD
Finding Future Transportation Funding for Cities and Counties - What Do California Experts Think? 1938 Asha Weinstein Agrawal
Drivers’ Response to Scenarios When Driving Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Compared to Vehicles With and Without Driver Assist Technology 1944 Srinivas S. Pulugurtha, PhD
Researching Relationships Between Truck Travel Time Performance Measures and On-network and Off-network Characteristics 1946 Srinivas S. Pulugurtha, PhD
Solar Powered Automated Transportation Network for San José 1948 Burford Furman
Best Practices in State Rail Planning: Comparing California's State Rail Plan with those of Other States Based on the Federal Railroad Administration's Requirements 1949 Eric C. Peterson
Steps to Supplement Park-and-Ride Public Transit Access with Ride-and-Ride Shuttles 1950 John Niles
Assessing Public Health Benefits of Replacing Freight Trucks with Cargo Cycles in Last Leg Delivery Trips in Urban Centers 1952 Jennifer Hartle
Transit Insecurity: Defining Metrics and Consequences 1953 Dan Nathan-Roberts, PhD
The Fresno State Transportation Challenge 2019 2009 Christian Wandeler
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Roadside Transportation-Related Air Quality (STARTRAQ) and Neighborhood Characterization 2010 Jaymin Kwon
Do California Residents Save Money on Transportation Costs by Living in Transit-Oriented Developments? 2012 Hongwei Dong
Taming the Data in the Internet of Vehicles for Greater Community Livability 2014 Shahab Tayeb
Detecting Driver Drowsiness with Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Combined with Machine Learning 2015 Hovannes Kulhandjian
Examining the Effects of Precision Scheduled Railroading on Intercity Passenger and High-Speed Rail Service 2016 John G. Green, PhD, PE
Negotiating Transportation Insecurity; Local Responses and Coping Strategies in San Jose, CA 2019 Melissa Beresford, PhD
Achieving Excellence for California’s Freight System: Developing Competitiveness and Performance Metrics Incorporating Sustainability, Resilience and Workforce Development 2023 Jian-yu Ke
Exploring the Relationship Between Mandatory Helmet Use Regulations and Adult Cyclists’ Behavior in California Using Hybrid Machine Learning Models 2024 Fatemeh Davoudi, PhD
Comprehensive Performance Assessment of Passive Crowdsourcing for Counting Pedestrians and Bikes 2025 Wen Cheng
Developing a Feasible Business Model for Expanding the EV Market to Lower Income Californians 2026 Aly Tawfik
Safeguarding Equity in Off-Site Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Mitigation in California 2027 Serena Alexander




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