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Topic Project Number Principal Investigator
Climate Change and Extreme Events Training and Research (CCEETR) Program Hilary Nixon, PhD
Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicles: Ownership and Adoption Dynamics 1905 Jean-Daniel Saphores, PhD & Hilary Nixon, PhD
Measurement and Prediction of Transit System Performance Using Probe Data Generated through DSRC and non-DSRC Technologies 2008 Gregory Newmark, PhD
Advancing Adoption of GTFS Programs in California 2017 Gregory Newmark, PhD
A Practical Framework for Component-Level Structural Health Monitoring of the Gerald Desmond Bridge 2155 Mehran Rahmani
Cycling Past 50: Nationwide Survey of Older Cyclists Now Underway 2157 Hilary Nixon & Carol Kachadoorian
The San José City (SJC) Bikeway Equity Web Map 2163 Ahoura Zandiatashbar
Planning for Advanced Air Mobility 2205 Adam Cohen & Susan Shaheen
Investigating the Post-Covid Future of Mobility: Video Case Studies 2206 Andrea Broaddus, Asha W. Agrawal & Gurmeet Naroola
Assess Transportation Impact on the Urban Heat Island Using Thermal Remote Sensing 2207 Bo Yang
Attention-based Data Analytical Models for Traffic Flow Prediction 2211 Yupeng Wei
Understanding Diversity within the Transit Industry: Establishing a Baseline of Diversity Demographics 2213 Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Asha W. Agrawal & Evelyn Blumenberg
Evaluating Benefits from Transportation Investments aligned with the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI) 2227 Serena E. Alexander
Governing Structures for Successful Regional Transit Coordination and Their Formation 2229 Charles R. Rivasplata / Richard W. Lee
Incorporating Public Health Into Transportation Decision-Making 2230 Dr. Bruce Appleyard
Should State Land in Southern California be Allocated to Warehousing Goods or Housing People? Analyzing Transportation, Climate, and the Unintended Consequences of Supply Chain Solutions 2231 Tianjun Lu
Evaluation of Turbo Roundabout as a Tool for Congestion Mitigation and Safety Improvement in California 2233 Anurag Pande
Reducing Vehicles Miles Traveled Through In-fill: How Regional and Local Plans are Addressing Housing Needs While Mitigating Negative Unintended Impacts on Disadvantaged Communities 2235 Shishir Mathur
Examining the Externalities of Highway Capacity Expansions in California: An Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) and Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect Using Remote Sensing Technology 2251 Serena E. Alexander
Impervious Surfaces from High Resolution Aerial Imagery: Cities in Fresno County 2257 Yushin Ahn
Learning about Street Harassment on Transit: Preparing a Survey Instrument for Transit Agencies 2301 Asha W. Agrawal
Investigating the Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Manual and Automated Driving 2302 Gaojian Huang
Electrification of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles In the Inland Empire 2305 Kimberly Collins, Ph.D.
Development of a Pavement Pothole Management System 2306 DingXin Cheng, Ph.D.
Latent Active Transportation Methodology 2309 Maria Chierichetti




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