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Founded in 1991, the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI), an organized research and training unit in partnership with the Lucas College and Graduate School of Business at San José State University (SJSU), increases mobility for all by improving the safety, efficiency, accessibility, and convenience of our nation’s transportation system. Through research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer, we help create a connected world. 


To move is to live. At the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) at San Jose State University, our mission is to increase mobility for all by improving the safety, efficiency, accessibility, and convenience of our nation's transportation system. Through research, education, workforce development and technology transfer, we help create a connected world.

How MTI’s mission works

At MTI, we efficiently connect people, ideas, and results.

MTI provides the highest-quality support for surface transportation researchers, planners, managers, educators, and elected officials, all filtered through the lens of our urban academic home in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose State University.

MTI’s in-depth research, performed to the highest academic standards, advances the body of knowledge in transportation innovation, offers immediate and practical value for transportation officials and practitioners, and provides surface transportation solutions that keep communities moving.

MTI’s highly regarded and fully accredited SJSU Master of Science in Transportation Management program delivers practical experience, where values of diversity and sustainability are emphasized. Planning and practice combine in educating the mobility managers of the future.

Planning for the future of transportation is enhanced by fostering the next generation of transportation professionals and skilled workers. STEM-focused workforce development programs encourage young people to pursue educational paths that prepare them for transportation careers through direct involvement with real challenges and solutions.

MTI addresses technology transfer by utilizing a diverse array of dissemination methods and media to ensure research results reach those responsible for managing change.


A connected world, where access to equitable, affordable, sustainable surface transportation is ensured through the highest quality research, planning and production. The Mineta Transportation Institute and the many partners who share our vision, will perform this work with integrity, and will honor diversity, sustainability, and equality in achieving mobility for all.

Our Core Values

Our values reflect who we are as people, educators, researchers, business partners and leaders in the transportation field.

It is not an overstatement to say that transportation of people and goods is the cornerstone of our economy. Where human beings are concerned, the difference between having and lacking mobility is no less than the difference between having or lacking opportunity.

We take this responsibility to the community very seriously and therefore our work is built on the foundation of these core values:

  • Accountability
  • Diversity
  • Equity
  • Integrity
  • Sustainability

Contact Us

SJSU Research Foundation   210 N. 4th Street, 4th Floor, San Jose, CA 95112    Phone: 408-924-7560   Email: mineta-institute@sjsu.edu