Research In Progress

Topic Project Number
Achieving Excellence for California’s Freight System: Developing Competitiveness and Performance Metrics Incorporating Sustainability, Resilience and Workforce Development 2023
Exploring the Relationship Between Mandatory Helmet Use Regulations and Adult Cyclists’ Behavior in California Using Hybrid Machine Learning Models 2024
Comprehensive Performance Assessment of Passive Crowdsourcing for Counting Pedestrians and Bikes 2025
Developing a Feasible Business Model for Expanding the EV Market to Lower Income Californians 2026
Safeguarding Equity in Off-Site Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Mitigation in California 2027
Promoting Interest in Transportation Careers Among Female Youth 2028
The Central Valley Transportation Challenge 2029
Creating Safer Communities for Use of Active Transportation Modes in California: The Development of Effective Communication Message Strategy and Outreach for Vulnerable Road Users 2030
Trip Scheduling and the Cost of Congestion: Estimates Using Travel Diary Data and Big Data 2031
Utility Fee to Fund Transit in California 2032
Post-Earthquake Rapid Structural Damage Detection in Bridges Using Low-Density Sensor Arrays 2033
COVID-19 Transit Bus Air Circulation and Virus Mitigation Study 2036
Deriving Commuting Patterns From Tweets: ​Investigating the Benefits and Limits of Using Publicly Available Volunteered Geographic Information 2037
Impact of Dedicated Bus Lanes on Intersection Operations and Travel Time Model Development 2040
Wastewater-Derived Ammonia for a Green Transportation Fuel 2041
Enhancement of Asphalt-Performance by Graphene-Based Bitumen Nanocomposites 2042
Large-Eddy Simulations and Experimental Verification of Wind-Shear from a Passing Vehicle Under a Freeway-Overpass 2043
How Do Environmental Factors Affect Driver’s Gaze Direction and Head Movements? 2044
Investigation of the Use of Polymers to Enhance the Performance of Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) 2045
Novel Eco-Friendly and Recycled Composites for Improved CA Road Surfaces 2046
Evaluating Innovative Financing Mechanisms for the California High-Speed Rail Project 2047
Virus Transport Aboard a Public Bus 2048
The Political Economy of Autonomous Vehicles 2053