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Topic Project Number Principal Investigator
ECO-DRIVE: Efficient Car Operations via Data-Driven Routing to Impede Vehicle Emissions 2439 Tairan Liu
Sustainable Frameworks and Life Cycle Assessment for Reinforced Concrete Bridges for Sustainability in Transportation 2440 Yu-Fu Ko
Fuel Cell System Development for Heavy-Duty Vehicles 2441 Yu Yang
Reducing Ambient NOx with an Environmental Artificial Tree (EAT) 2442 Hamid Rahai
Cycling Past 50: A Closer Look into the World of Older Cyclists, Year 5 Survey 2443 Carol Kachadoorian
Acquisition of Intra-Vehicular Network Testbed 2445 Dr. Shahab Tayeb
Wildfire Emergency Response and Evacuation Framework Using Drones: Phase I 2446 Hovannes Kulhandjian
Strategized Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Predicting and Extending the Service Life of Concrete Pavements and Bridges 2447 Fariborz M. Tehrani
Roadside Asset Extraction from Mobile LiDAR Point Cloud 2448 Yushin Ahn
Deep Learning for Traffic Congestion Forecasting: Unveiling Predictive Models for Enhanced Urban Mobility Planning 2449 Jorge E. Pesantez
The Comprehensive Study of Impacts of “Q” Bus Rapid Transit System on Blackstone Avenue 2450 Yertai Tanai
Fresno City Bike Path 2451 Holly Sowles, Ph.D.
Survey of Building Information Modeling for Infrastructure (BIM4I) 2453 Maria Calahorra-Jimenez
A Holistic Inquiry of Intelligent Speed-Assist Technology: Safety Impacts, Technology Implementation, and Challenges 2454 Sahar Ghanipoor Machiani, PhD
Alternative Project Delivery Methods in California Transportation Agencies: The Path Forward 2455 Ghada Gad, PhD
Climate Change Impacts on Long-Term Performance and Service Life of California Transportation Earthworks Prone to Weather-Driven Deterioration 2457 Amr Morsy, PhD
Equitable Estimation of Accurate High-Injury Network (HIN) for Vulnerable Road Users 2459 Anurag Pande, Ph.D.
Use of Polymer Fiber to Improve Mechanical Properties of HMA Containing Recycled Asphalt Pavement (RAP) 2462 Ashraf Rahim, PhD
An Empirical Investigation into Affordable Transit-Oriented Development (A-TOD) in California: Applying Classification and Scoring Systems 2463 Ahoura Zandiatashbar, PhD
Information Strategies in the Electric Vehicles (EV) Battery Reverse Supply Chain with Blockchain Technology 2467 Tianqin Shi, PhD




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