Research In Progress

Topic Project Number
Enhancement of Asphalt Performance by Graphene-based Bitumen Nanocomposites 1918
Infrastructure Academy Transportation Program 1919
Enhancement of Multimodal Traffic Safety in High Quality Transit Areas 1920
Southern California Regional Workforce Development Needs Assessment for Transportation and Supply Chain Industries 1921
Impact of Right-of-way Adaptation to Automated Vehicles on Driver Behavior; A Narrow AV-exclusive Lane on an Existing Smart Freeway 1922
Developing Specification for Use of Intelligent Compaction Technology 1923
An Eco-Driving System for Connected Automated Vehicles based on Multi-Objective Trajectory Optimization 1924
Safety Considerations for All Road Users on Advisory Bike Lanes 1925
Evaluating Financing Mechanisms and Economic Benefits to Fund Grade Separation Projects 1926
What Do Americans Think About Federal Tax Options to Support Transportation? Results from Year Ten of a National Survey 1927
A Multi-Modal Approach for Monitoring Driving Behavior and Emotions 1928
Freight Demand Model for Southern California Freeways with Owner-Operated Trucks 1931
Numerical Investigations of Transient Wind Shear from Passing a Vehicle near a Road Structure 1933
Wave Method for Structural Health Monitoring and Damage Detection in Bridges 1934
Performance Testing of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Biochar 1935
Parking Automation Infrastructure 1936
Blueprint for Critical Research: Supply Chain Risk Management’s Transportation Dimension 1937
Finding Future Transportation Funding for Cities and Counties - What Do California Experts Think? 1938
Is the Transit Industry Ready for the Cyber Revolution: Policy Recommendations to Enhance Surface Transit Cyber Preparedness 1939
Predicting Travel Times of Bus Transit in Washington DC using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) 1943
Drivers’ Response to Scenarios When Driving Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Compared to Vehicles With and Without Driver Assist Technology 1944
Researching Relationships Between Truck Travel Time Performance Measures and On-network and Off-network Characteristics 1946
Survey on Travel Preferences and Cycling in Silicon Valley 1947
Solar Powered Automated Transportation Network for San José 1948
Best Practices in State Rail Planning: Comparing California's State Rail Plan with those of Other States Based on the Federal Railroad Administration's Requirements 1949