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Topic Project Number Principal Investigator
Evaluation of Turbo Roundabout as a Tool for Congestion Mitigation and Safety Improvement in California 2233 Anurag Pande
Reducing Vehicles Miles Traveled Through In-fill: How Regional and Local Plans are Addressing Housing Needs While Mitigating Negative Unintended Impacts on Disadvantaged Communities 2235 Shishir Mathur
Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Design and Operations 2240 Yu Yang
Fiber-Based Seismic Damage and Collapse Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Single-Column Pier-Supported Bridges Using Damage Index 2241 Yu-Fu Ko, PhD, PE
Economic Evaluation of Route Choice Characteristics for Company Truck Drivers and Owner-Operated Truck Drivers in Southern California Freeways 2242 Joseph Kim
Statistical Evaluation of IDEAL-CT Test for Asphalt Concrete Using Discrete Element Method 2243 Shadi Saadeh
Evaluating Automated Truck Platoon (ATP) Deployment for the Los Angeles-Inland Empire Trade Corridor Enhancement 2244 Shailesh Chandra
System-of-Systems Integration for Civil Infrastructures Resiliency Toward Multi-Hazard Events 2245 Vahid Balali
Curriculum Evaluation of the Academy of Global Logistics Program: Connections to STEM Education 2246 Ann Kim
Equity in Learning Opportunities for Middle School Students: Connecting Communities and Transportation Through GIS 2247 Tom O'Brien
Virus Control Aboard a Commuter Bus 2248 Hamid Rahai
Examining the Externalities of Highway Capacity Expansions in California: An Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) and Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect Using Remote Sensing Technology 2251 Serena E. Alexander
Learning about Street Harassment on Transit: Preparing a Survey Instrument for Transit Agencies 2301 Asha W. Agrawal
Investigating the Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Manual and Automated Driving 2302 Gaojian Huang
Electrification of Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles In the Inland Empire 2305 Kimberly Collins, Ph.D.
Develop a Pavement Pothole Management System 2306 DingXin Cheng, Ph.D.
Understanding Mobility-Related Challenges for AAPI Older Adults 2310 Yongping Zhang
Domestic Migrations, Train Travel in the United States 2012-2022 2311 McNair Evans
The Effects of COVID-19 on Public Transit Ridership in the Bay Area 2313 Richard W. Lee / Charles R. Rivasplata
Assault and Abuse on Public Transit: An Analysis of Twitter Data 2317 Egbe-Etu Etu
Exploring Traffic Speed Patterns for the Implementation of Variable Speed Limit (VSL) Signs 2318 Srinivas S Pulugurtha, PhD
Understanding the Effect of Pervasive Events Like COVID-19 on Vehicle Travel Time Patterns During Various Stages 2319 Srinivas S Pulugurtha, PhD
Deep Learning or Machine Learning or Statistical Models for Weather-related Crash Severity Prediction? 2320 Srininvas S Pulugurtha, PhD
Autonomous Shuttle Implementation and Best Practices 2321 Srinivas S Pulugurtha, PhD
Toward NetZero Carbon Pavements Using Amine-Impregnated Zeolite 2323 Shadi Saadeh, Ph.D.




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