Curriculum Evaluation of the Academy of Global Logistics Program: Connections to STEM Education

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Curriculum Evaluation of the Academy of Global Logistics Program: Connections to STEM Education (Full Report)


The Academy of Global Logistics (AGL) is a career technical education program developed in collaboration with the Port of Long Beach and the Long Beach Unified School District and with support from the Center for International Trade and Transportation. Students enrolled in the program, implemented at a high school in Long Beach, CA, learn global logistics and supply chain management over the course of their high school career. The program culminates in a capstone project that is evaluated by industry leaders. This research project applies qualitative coding methods to find connections between the AGL curriculum and CA mathematics and science curriculum standards and AGL curriculum and project-based learning. The project’s findings identified that the AGL curriculum provided students with numerous opportunities to engage in mathematics and science practices in a project-based learning environment. Recommendations for policymakers and higher education institutions are discussed in order to advocate for best practices to serve California's youth.



Ann Y. Kim is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Development at California State University, Long Beach. Broadly, her research interests are in the area of identity development among adolescents and young adults, with a focus on academic contexts such as STEM classrooms and the intersectional influences of race-ethnicity and gender. She teaches courses in adolescent development and emerging adulthood and research methods in human development. 


Tyler Reeb is the Director of Research and Workforce Development at the Center for International Trade and Transportation (CITT). He leads research and workforce development teams that address transportation challenges related to transformational technology and institutional change. He produces research-driven publications and programs that promote innovation and civic partnerships.


Jaylee Jordan is a student in the Department of Human Development. She will be pursuing her single-subject teaching credential in order to become a high school mathematics teacher. 


Youngjin Song is a lecturer in the Department of Science Education at California State University, Long Beach. As a former high school chemistry teacher, she is interested in science teachers' professional growth through reflective practices. Her research also focuses on science learning and teaching for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. She previously worked at the University of Northern Colorado as an Associate Professor.

June 2023
Workforce development
Career and technical education (CTE)
STEM learning
Project-based learning
Education-industry partnership



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