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The Mineta Leadership Academy provides individuals in mid-level to senior management positions with opportunities to improve leadership skills and enhance their leadership competencies. The Mineta Transportation Institute offers courses, taught by industry leaders, that prepare today’s public sector leaders to face a plethora of challenges that include rapidly changing technology, cybersecurity, public-private partnerships, funding constraints and more, all of which require new skills and competencies to be successful. 

In 2020, MTI also launched the Mineta Leadership Fellows Program. This program, under the guidance of Patrick Sherry, PhD, Director of the MTI Leadership Academy, showcases influential leaders in transportation discussing their leadership philosophies, the challenges they have faced and how they have successfully built strong, inclusive teams by achieving consensus based on shared values and a vision for the future. This collection provides students and professionals with enlightening insights, new perspectives, and practical suggestions for enhancing their effectiveness as leaders.

Faculty Members

Patrick Sherry, PhD, ABPP
Director, MTI Leadership Academy

Dr. Patrick Sherry has consulted extensively with Fortune 500 companies throughout the US and Canada and Asia coaching executives to improve leadership and corporate culture. 

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Jane Courant, PhD
Communication Instructor

Jane Courant, (Ph.D., Drama, UC Berkeley; M.A., English, Georgetown University; M.L.S., University of Maryland, B.A., University of Rochester) is a communications trainer, theater instructor/director, and retired librarian with a wide range of teaching, directing, acting and administrative experience.

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Kevin Duggan
Ethics Instructor

Senior Advisor

ICMA/League of California Cities

Kevin Duggan served in local government for over 40 years including 27 years as a city manager in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Don Gilman, PhD
Project Management Instructor


Gilman Consulting Group, Inc.

Dr. Don Gilman is an author, a seasoned consultant and coach to senior management, and a highly sought after speaker and trainer, regularly speaking at private company events as well as at large global conferences.

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Beverly A. Scott, PhD
Leadership Instructor


Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure, Inc.

Dr. Beverly A. Scott’s career in the public transportation industry spans more than three decades in the United States, including four appointments as CEO/General Manager – Boston (MBTA), Atlanta (MARTA), Sacramento (SRTD), and Rhode Island (RIPTA).

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