Patrick Sherry, PhD, ABPP

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Director, MTI Leadership Academy


Dr. Patrick Sherry has consulted extensively with Fortune 500 companies throughout the US and Canada and Asia coaching executives to improve leadership and corporate culture. He has led organizational assessment and coaching efforts with top leadership teams in government, financial services, and transportation industries leading to facilitate an improved return on investment. His effectiveness in establishing effective working relationships, gathering pertinent data and developing keen insights leading to innovative solutions is the hallmark of his approach and his work with clients.

Most recently he has been working with large public agencies to develop their organizational culture to become more agile and innovative in responding to the changing nature of work driven by both technology and the changing demographics of the workforce. He has developed and validated a measure of corporate culture which has been used to assist several large organizations in redefining and changing their corporate culture through improved communication and leadership skills.

At the international level, Dr. Sherry has worked with executives in both the private and public sectors providing coaching, organizational assessment and training to improve managerial and corporate effectiveness. A few of the companies he has worked with include Prudential Financial, Group Pubblishing, TRW Automotive, EMI, Aetna, Involved Media, Merrill-Lynch, Molson-Coors, BNSF Railway, Ashanti Gold, South African Railways, and Active International.

Dr. Sherry has worked in both Europe and Asia, consulting on hiring decisions, assessment instruments and practices, and the development of executive training programs with private industry and government. He has served as a consultant to the consultants for almost 20 years with such groups as Drake Beam & Morrin, Center for Creative Leadership, Personnel Decisions Inc. (PDI), Summit Leadership, AIM Executive, Eclecon, Osprey Consulting, Whitehead Mann, Right Management and others. He is licensed as a psychologist in both Colorado and New York and has been recognized as a Fellow of the Academy of Counseling Psychology and the American Board of Professional Psychologists (ABPP). In addition to his consulting activities Dr. Sherry has been a tenured Professor at the University of Denver where he has successfully trained and developed the leadership skills of consulting psychologists and coaches for over 30 years.



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