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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
Suicides on Commuter Rail in California: Possible Patterns – A Case Study November 2010 Botha, Elmasu & Leitzell
Policy Issues in U.S. Transportation Public-Private Partnerships: Lessons from Australia July 2010 Czerwinski & Geddes
Emergency Management Training and Exercises for Transportation Agency Operations June 2010 Edwards & Goodrich
Exploring the Effectiveness of Transit Security Awareness Campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area June 2010 Rohlich, Haas & Edwards
Carsharing and Public Parking Policies: Assessing Benefits, Costs, and Best Practices in North America June 2010 Shaheen, Rodier, Murray, Martin & Cohen
Greenhouse Gas Emission Impacts of Carsharing in North America June 2010 Martin & Shaheen
What Do Americans Think About Federal Transportation Tax Options? Results From a National Survey June 2010 Agrawal & Nixon
Facilitating Telecommuting as a Means of Congestion Reduction June 2010 Da Silva & Virick
Barriers to Using Fixed-Route Public Transit for Older Adults June 2010 Peck
From Buses to BRT: Case Studies of Incremental BRT Projects in North America June 2010 Niles & Jerram
Meeting the Challenges of Urban Transportation May 2010
Tenth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium May 2010
Terrorist Attacks On Public Bus Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Shrum
Explosives and Incendiaries Used in Terrorist Attacks on Public Surface Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins & Butterworth
The 1995 Attempted Derailing of the French TGV (High-Speed Train) and a Quantitative Analysis of 181 Rail Sabotage Attempts March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Clair
Improving Transportation Construction Project Performance: Development of a Model to Support the Decision-Making Process for Incentive/Disincentive Construction Projects March 2010 Pyeon & Park
The Next Fifty Years: Addressing California´s Mobility in a Time of Financial Challenges February 2010
Equity Analysis of Land Use and Transport Plans Using an Integrated Spatial Model February 2010 Rodier, Abraham, Dix & Hunt
Handbook of Emergency Management For State-Level Transportation Agencies February 2010 Edwards & Goodrich
Implementation and Development of Vehicle Tracking and Immobilization Technologies January 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Edwards




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