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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
Bringing World-Class High-Speed Rail to America: Special General Session, 12th Annual Transportation and Infrastructure Summit January 2010
The Vision and the Blueprint: High Speed Rail in the United States and Launching High-Speed Rail in the U.S.: High-Speed Rail Sessions from APTA´s Annual Meeting, October 6, 2009 December 2009
Using Bicycles for the First and Last Mile of a Commute September 2009 December 2009
Feasibility Of One-Dedicated-Lane Bus Rapid Transit/Light-Rail Systems And Their Expansion To Two-Dedicated-Lane Systems: A Focus On Geometric Configuration And Performance Planning November 2009 Tsao, Wei & Pratama
Linking Highway Improvements to Changes in Land Use with Quasi-Experimental Research Design: A Better Forecasting Tool for Transportation Decision-making October 2009 Funderburg, Nixon & Boarnet
How to Ease Women's Fear of Transportation Environments: Case Studies and Best Practices October 2009 Loukaitou-Sideris
Rail Passenger Selective Screening Summit October 2009 MTI Staff
Effect of Suburban Transit Oriented Developments on Residential Property Values June 2009 Mathur & Ferrell
Paving The Way: Recruiting Students into the Transportation Professions June 2009 Agrawal & Dill
The Influence of Service Planning Decisions on Rail Transit Success or Failure June 2009 Brown & Thompson
The Role of Transportation in Campus Emergency Planning June 2009 Edwards & Goodrich
Public Versus Private Mobility for the Poor: Transit Improvements Versus Increased Car Ownership in the Sacramento Region June 2009 Johnston & Gao
Why Campaigns for Local Transportation Initiatives Succeed or Fail: An Analysis of Four Communities and National Data June 2009 Haas, Massey, Valenty & Werbel
“Green” Transportation Taxes and Fees: A Survey of Californians June 2009 Agrawal, Dill & Nixon
Ninth Annual Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium May 2009
A Town Hall Meeting on Our Bicycle Safety Crisis February 2009
Eighth National Garrett Morgan on Sustainable Transportation Symposium September 2008
Applying Smart Growth Principles and Strategies to Resolving Land Use Conflicts Around Airports September 2008 Lee, Gosling & Irvin
An Ambit-Based Activity Model for Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policies August 2008 Zia
Creating an Educational Network in California to Assess and Address its Future Transportation Education Challenges July 2008 Flouris




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