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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
A Town Hall Meeting on Our Bicycle Safety Crisis February 2009
Applying Smart Growth Principles and Strategies to Resolving Land Use Conflicts Around Airports September 2008 Lee, Gosling & Irvin
Eighth National Garrett Morgan on Sustainable Transportation Symposium September 2008
An Ambit-Based Activity Model for Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Policies August 2008 Zia
Creating an Educational Network in California to Assess and Address its Future Transportation Education Challenges July 2008 Flouris
Neighborhood Crime and Travel Behavior: An Investigation of the Influence of Neighborhood Crime Rates on Mode Choice April 2008 Ferrell, Mathur & Mendoza
The Crisis in Transportation Workforce Development March 2008
Connecting Transportation Decision Making With Responsible Land Use: State and Regional Policies, Programs, and Incentives. February 2008 Binger, Lee, Rivasplata, Lynch & Subhashini
Beyond Uncertainty: Modeling Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality in Planning October 2007 Rodier
A Consumer Logistics Framework for Understanding Preferences for High-Speed Rail Transportation August 2007 Gehrt & Rajan
Video Transit Training for Older Travelers: A Case Study of the Rossmoor Senior Adult Community, California June 2007 Shaheen & Rodier
How Far, By Which Route, and Why? A Spatial Analysis of Pedestrian Preference June 2007 Schlossberg, Agrawal, Irvin & Bekkouche
The Fourth National Security Summit: Approaches to Passenger Screening March 2007 MTI Staff
Seventh National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium March 2007
Selective Screening of Rail Passengers February 2007 Jenkins & Butterworth
High-Speed Rail Projects in the United States: Identifying the Elements of Success-Part 2 November 2006 Cerreno
Exploration of Data Sources for Air Cargo Studies November 2006 Wei
The Fourth National Security Summit: Transportation Finance: Tough Choices Down the Road October 2006
Transportation Financing Opportunities for the State of California October 2006 Agrawal, Dill, Goldman, Hall, Holtzman, Recker & Goodwin
Bus Rapid Transit: A Handbook for Partners August 2006 Gray, Kelley & Larwin




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