Title Date Author
Is There a Light at the End of the Tunnel? The Outlook for Cybersecurity Insurance and Transit in 2024 April 2024 Belcher & Chollet
The Use of Explosive Devices in Attacks on Public Surface Transportation: Trends in Frequency, Lethality, and Prevention November 2023 Jenkins, Butterworth & Yagyu
Evolving Patterns of Violence in Developing Countries August 2023 Jenkins, Butterworth, Yagyu
Best Practices in Disaster Public Communications: Evacuation Alerting and Social Media December 2022 Edwards, Liu, Hughes, Gao, Goodrich, Barner, Herrera
Changing Patterns of Violence Pose New Challenges to Public Surface Transportation in the United States August 2022 Jenkins & Butterworth
Aligning the Transit Industry and Their Vendors in the Face of Increasing Cyber Risk: Recommendations for Identifying and Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges July 2022 Belcher, Belcher, Seckman, Thomas & Yaqub
Personal Data Protection as a Driver for Improved Cybersecurity Practices in U.S. Public Transit December 2021 Seckman, Thomas, H Belcher & S Belcher
Will the Biden Administration’s ‘Made in America’ Executive Order Present Significant New Cybersecurity Obligations for Transit Operators? June 2021 S. Belcher, H. Belcher, Seckman & Thomas
Frequency and Lethality of Attacks on Surface Transportation Systems of Developed Countries, by Time of Day June 2021 Jenkins & Butterworth
Surface Transportation Supply Chain Security: Creating a Blueprint for Future Research April 2021 Edwards, Szyliowicz, Goodrich, Medigovich, Lange & Anderton
Implications of the Sunburst Cybersecurity Attack on the Transit Industry January 2021 Belcher & Thomas
Metal Against Marchers: An Analysis of Recent Incidents Involving Vehicle Assaults at U.S. Political Protests and Rallies October 2020 Jenkins & Butterworth
Is the Transit Industry Prepared for the Cyber Revolution? Policy Recommendations to Enhance Surface Transit Cyber Preparedness September 2020 S. Belcher, T. Belcher, Greenwald & Thomas
How Sophisticated are Terrorist Attacks on Passenger Rail Transportation June 2020 Jenkins & Butterworth
Securing the Emerging Technologies of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles April 2020 Tayeb & Pirouz
Transportation, Terrorism and Crime: Deterrence, Disruption and Resilience January 2020 Goodrich & Edwards
“Smashing Into Crowds” -- An Analysis of Vehicle Ramming Attacks November 2019 Jenkins & Butterworth
An Exploration of Transportation Terrorist Stabbing Attacks March 2019 Jenkins, Butterworth, Clair & Trella
Managing Cyber Risks & Business Exposure in the Surface Transportation Ecosystem January 2019 Francoeur
Does “See Something, Say Something” Work? December 2018 Jenkins & Butterworth




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