Title Date Author
Train Wrecks and Track Attacks: An Analysis of Attempts by Terrorists and Other Extremists to Derail Trains or Disrupt Rail Transportation July 2018 Jenkins & Butterworth
An Analysis of Vehicle Ramming as a Terrorist Threat May 2018 Jenkins & Butterworth
Terrorist Vehicle Attacks on Public Surface Transportation Targets September 2017 Jenkins & Butterworth
The Threat to Air and Ground Transportation Posed by Mentally Disordered Assailants March 2017 Jenkins & Butterworth
The Challenge of Protecting Transit and Passenger Rail: Understanding How Security Works Against Terrorism February 2017 Jenkins
Emergency Management Training for Transportation Agencies August 2016 Edwards, Goodrich & Griffith
Preliminary Thoughts on the Role of Insiders in Attacks on Transportation Targets June 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth
Trains, Concert Halls, Airports, and Restaurants—All Soft Targets: What the Terrorist Campaign in France and Belgium Tells Us about the Future of Jihadist Terrorism in Europe June 2016 Jenkins & Clair
Transit is a Terrorist Target May 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth
Remedial Actions to Prevent Suicides on Commuter and Metro Rail Systems March 2016 Sherry
Long-Term Trends in Attacks on Public Surface Transportation in Europe and North America January 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth
Troubling Trends in Terrorism and Attacks on Surface Transportation: The Outlook Is Grim, but People Still Have a Great Deal of Control January 2016 Jenkins & Butterworth
The High-Speed Rail Attack in France: What are the security challenges for protecting rail systems? August 2015 Jenkins & Butterworth
Neighborhood Crime and Transit Station Access Mode Choice – Phase III of Neighborhood Crime and Travel Behavior August 2015 Ferrell, Mathur & Appleyard
Great East Japan Earthquake, JR East Mitigation Successes, and Lessons for California High-Speed Rail April 2015 Edwards, Goodrich, Hellweg, Strauss, Eskijian & Jaradat
Suicide Bombings Against Trains and Buses Are Lethal but Few in Number November 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth
The Breach of Security at San Jose’s Airport Raises Broader Issues May 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth
A Terrorism Analysis of the April 14, 2014, Bus Terminal Bombing in Abuja, Nigeria April 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth
Mineta Transportation Institute Says Subways Are Still in Terrorists’ Sights March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth
The Terrorist Attack in Kunming, China: Does It Indicate a Growing Threat Worldwide? March 2014 Jenkins & Butterworth




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