Title Date Author
Rail Security: Critical Insights and Applications January 2012 MTI Staff
Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government for State-Level Transportation Organizations September 2011 Edwards & Goodrich
Generic Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Plan for State-Level Transportation Agencies August 2011 Edwards, Goodrich & Medigovich
Exploring the Effectiveness of Transit Security Awareness Campaigns in the San Francisco Bay Area June 2010 Rohlich, Haas & Edwards
Emergency Management Training and Exercises for Transportation Agency Operations June 2010 Edwards & Goodrich
Terrorist Attacks On Public Bus Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Shrum
Explosives and Incendiaries Used in Terrorist Attacks on Public Surface Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis March 2010 Jenkins & Butterworth
The 1995 Attempted Derailing of the French TGV (High-Speed Train) and a Quantitative Analysis of 181 Rail Sabotage Attempts March 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Clair
Handbook of Emergency Management For State-Level Transportation Agencies February 2010 Edwards & Goodrich
Supplement to MTI Study on Selective Passenger Screening in the Mass Transit Rail Environment January 2010 Jenkins, Butterworth & Gerston
Potential Terrorist Uses of Highway-Borne Hazardous Materials January 2010 Jenkins & Butterworth
Rail Passenger Selective Screening Summit October 2009 MTI Staff
The Role of Transportation in Campus Emergency Planning June 2009 Edwards & Goodrich
The Fourth National Security Summit: Approaches to Passenger Screening March 2007 MTI Staff
Selective Screening of Rail Passengers February 2007 Jenkins & Butterworth
The Fourth National Security Summit: Transportation Finance: Tough Choices Down the Road October 2006
Designing and Operating Safe and Secure Transit Systems: Assessing Current Practices in the United States and Abroad November 2005 Taylor, Sideris, Liggett, Fink, Wachs, Cavanagh, Cherry & Haas
Third National Transportation Security Summit: rail security--a symposium on terrorism and business continuity September 2005 MTI Staff
Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks September 2003 Jenkins & Winslow
California Transportation Security Summits March 2002 MTI Staff




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