Surface Transportation Supply Chain Security: Creating a Blueprint for Future Research

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Surface Transportation Supply Chain Security: Creating a Blueprint for Future Research


Ninety percent of the world’s trade goods travel by surface transportation, using maritime, road and rail assets. The security of the goods in transit, the infrastructure supporting the movement, and the vehicles, are required to ensure that international commerce proceeds successfully. Much has been written about the surface supply chain itself, but little has focused on the security of these components. This report provides a guide for those wanting an increased understanding of the security issues that supply chain surface transportation systems confront and a blueprint to guide their future research.

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Frances Edwards is the deputy director of the Mineta Transportation Institute’s Allied Telesis National Transportation Security Center and, since 2006, the director of the San Jose State University Master of Public Administration program. She is the Principal Investigator for this research. She is the co-author or editor of four books, thirteen publications for MTI, and numerous articles and book chapters. She is a certified emergency manager. 

Dan Goodrich is the senior transportation security scientist for the Mineta Transportation Institute. He was the lead discussant for the workshop, developed the adversary materials bibliography, as well as contributing to this report. He is a certified emergency manager, a master exercise practitioner, and a certified security specialist, with sixteen years’ active military service, including US Marine Corps Security Forces. He is the co-author of Introduction to Transportation Security. 

Joseph Szyliowicz is Professor Emeritus at the Korbel School of International Studies, Denver University and the Founder of its Intermodal Transportation Institute. He led the development of the bibliography, as well as co-authoring the report. He is an internationally renowned scholar, working with NATO, the European Union and the Asia Pacific International Cooperation Group, as well as holding fellowships at Oxford and Hebrew University. He is the author of numerous books on transportation modes and transportation security. 

Colonel William (Bill) Medigovich (USAR, Ret.) is a research associate with Mineta Transportation Institute. He has a long and distinguished career in public service, including Army Intelligence, California Department of Justice, director of the California Office of Emergency Services, administrator of FEMA Region IX, and director of the US Department of Transportation’s emergency management enterprise worldwide. He is co-author of Generic Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government Plan for State-Level Transportation Agencies for MTI. 

Liz Lange is a student research assistant with the Mineta Transportation Institute. She provided logistics support for the workshop, assisted with the production of the report, and created portions of the bibliography. She completed her Master of Public Administration degree. 

Autumn Anderton was a student research assistant at the University of Denver who created portions of the bibliography. She has completed her master’s degree. 

April 2021
Cargo security
Intermodal transportation
Multimodal transportation
Security measures
Supply chain management



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