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The Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility organizes or participates in several transportation-related events each year. These include national summits, regional forums, industry conferences, or special events and broadcasts. You can find leading transportation experts at all of these events, making them an excellent resource not only for professional and research insights, but also for networking.

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April 18, 2020 POSTPONED- UPC Symposium 2020 'Redefining the American Dream: Silicon Valley's Housing Crisis'  -  San José, CA

[In light of recommendations regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the event has been postponed.]

Martin Luther King Jr. Library room 225 | 10:30a.m. - 4:30p.m. | AICP CM Credits: 4.0 (pending)

“Redefining the American Dream: Silicon Valley’s Housing Crisis” will brought together planning professionals, experts and advocates to shed light on the housing challenges facing our region and explored potential solutions. The presentation will be focused on four areas:


A dialogue amongst health professionals, policymakers and advocates on the linkage between the lack of affordable housing and increasing public health concerns.


A discussion on how new laws will help integrate diverse housing choices and density into residential zoning districts.


Addressing big tech’s housing pledges and their role in displacement and gentrification in Silicon Valley.


Bringing awareness to the lives of the homeless student and faculty population at SJSU.


• Breakfast & Registration begins at 10:30am

• Panels start at 11:00am

• Lunch will be provided

• AICP | CM 4.0 Credits (Pending)

April 9, 2020 MTI Research Snaps Webinar: "Transit and COVID-19: How its impact differs from other emergencies"  -  Online

COVID-19 is a contagious disease in the same family as SARS, and with similar properties to H1N1/swine flu. Yet COVID-19 caused community sheltering in place and drops in farebox revenues, and sales and gas taxes. The webinar has discussed what makes COVID-19 different and what to expect in recovery.

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Additional Q&A

Presenters: Frances Edwards, PhD
April 5, 2020 to April 7, 2020 POSTPONED- Calcog Regional Leadership Forum: Regions Rise Together  -  Riverside, CA

[In light of recommendations regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the conference was postponed until further notice.]

March 19, 2020 MTI Research Snaps Webinar: "Sexual Harassment on Public Transit: The University Student Experience"  -  Online

Sexual harassment is, sadly, a routine experience for transit users. New MTI research explores San Jose State University (SJSU) students' experiences and perceptions related to sexual harassment and assault when using public transit. The report, Crime and Harassment on Public Transportation: A Survey of SJSU Students Set in International Context, found that twice as many women as men reported verbal and non-verbal harassment, but that both genders indicate harassment as a deterrent to using public transit. Fully 63% of SJSU students reported some form of harassment during transit journeys. The SJSU experience was then compared to findings from a global study surveying college students in 18 cities across six continents. These and other findings, as well as the researchers' recommendations,were discussed in the webinar.

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Presenters: Asha W. Agrawal, PhD, and Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, PhD
March 14, 2020 POSTPONED-SCC Women's Leadership and Policy Summit  -  San Jose City College, San Jose, CA

In light of recommendations from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the summit was postponed until further notice.

Women from all different backgrounds and walks of life gathered to discuss "What's Next?" 

This half-day confrence tackled difficult and important subjects such as:

  1. State of Women's Health
  2. Reproductive Rights and Justice
  3. Ending Violence Against Women
  4. Relationship Between Women and Homelessness
  5. Navigating Demands of Career and Caregiving
  6. Mentorship: Building the Pipeline
  7. Gun Safety Regulation
  8. Men and Women: Lean in or Out
  9. Climate Action and Environmental Policy
  10. Youth Panel: Mental Health, Vaping Epidemic and Sexual Assault
  11. Confronting Women's Workplace Challenges
  12. A lunch plenary session on Leadership: Step Up, Step Forward, and Stand Out

Get empowered, engaged and take action on issues affecting our communities.

March 13, 2020 Cancelled- Visiting Scholar Series: Selika Talkbott, J.D.

In light of recommendations from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the event was cancelled.


March 12, 2020 Navajo Tech Makers  -  Crownpoint, NM

This year’s fair moved into the fifth world of creation, or the glittering world, and feature the work of Native youth throughout the region with the 3rd Annual Innoventure Product Challenge. The Innoventure Product Challenge (see far right) is an annual competition that tasks regional middle and high school students with designing a 3D printed product and developing a business model in introducing it to the public. The competition is expected to provide a glimpse into what making will look like for Navajo people in the future, while providing an outlet for the youth to feature their work. 

March 11, 2020 to March 12, 2020 POSTPONED: MAAS-A-CON  -  San Francisco, CA

In light of new recommendations from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the event has been postponed.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) describes a shift away from personally-owned modes of transportation and towards mobility provided as a shared service.  MaaS is quickly gaining momentum around the world, holding the promise of making personal mobility more affordable for families and the communities they live in.

MaaS disrupts and inspires traditional transportation players, private ventures and city officials at the same time.  But to ensure MaaS meets its full potential, it must be informed by a variety of views and serve multiple goals.​

MaaS-A-Con brings together innovators, practitioners and advocates to experience the technologies and best-practices that can make MaaS a reality in our communities. MTI co-sponsored this inaugural conference in San Francisco, CA.

March 7, 2020 CANCELLED-Pathways to Climate Smart Careers  -  San José, CA

In light of recommendations from the Santa Clara County Public Health Department regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Pathways to Climate Smart Careers event was cancelled.


March 5, 2020 Bachrodt Elementary Transportation and University Day

MTI hosted Bachrodt Elementary's second grade class at San Jose State University (SJSU) for a day of transit safety activities and university exploration. The students traveled to SJSU using public transit, where they received a tour of the university campus, Spartan Recreation and Aquatics Center, and the library. In between tours the students partook in a hand-on, STEM activity that taught them the principles of the scientific process.



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