Progressive Parking Policies: A Conversation with Prof. C.J. Gabbe & Students

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

5:30pm - 7:00pm (PT) | Details and registration

The City of San Jose is considering reducing the regulations it places on parking to allow development to occur more easily. On August 27th, the City Council will hold a study session on this. What would these changes mean? Could they be beneficial for San Jose? How will they impact the next generation of San Joseans?

Catalyze SV & Mineta Transportation Institute invite you to join us for a dynamic panel bringing together Professor C.J. Gabbe of Santa Clara University and his Environmental Studies and Sciences students where they will:

  • inform the community about the proposed changes to the City's parking requirements;
  • share information with the community based on Dr. Gabbe's research on the effects of parking requirements on communities; and
  • reflect the perspectives of younger people on parking and transportation.

MTI is proud to co-sponsor this informative event.

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C.J. Gabbe & Santa Clara University students

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