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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
08/18/2015 Mineta Transportation Institute: New Report summarizing transit polls Global Urban Commons
08/17/2015 As Toll Roads Expand, Freeways Risk Becoming a Passageway of the Privileged RYOT
08/16/2015 Brian Jenkins on transportation security (broadcast interview) KGO Radio
08/08/2015 Brian Jenkins on French HSR attack (broadcast interview) KLIV News
08/07/2015 L.A. From Above; Public Housing on TV; and the Real Cost of Potholes: Urban Insights from Around the Web The Urban Edge
08/06/2015 What Do Americans Think About Public Transit? Infrastructure USA
08/05/2015 Mineta publishes USA public opinion polls on transit Future of Transport
08/03/2015 Mineta Report Summarizes 56 US Public Opinion Polls about Transit Mass Transit
08/03/2015 San Diego car sharing to expand San Diego Union-Tribune
08/01/2015 Mineta Offers Free Bus-Stop Time Models Report to Transit Operators and Planners Transit California
07/31/2015 CA: Report Recommends Methods to Facilitate Transit Ridership for Bicyclists Mass Transit
07/31/2015 MTI Releases Bikeshare Study Mass Transit
07/31/2015 How Does Streetcar Performance Compare in 5 Cities? Mass Transit
07/31/2015 Effects of Gas Prices on Transit Ridership Vary by Mode, in Combination with Price Ranges and Response Time Mass Transit
07/31/2015 CA: Free Report Reveals How to Develop Effective Regional Transit Mass Transit
07/31/2015 Mineta's New Research Data Can Help Transit Agencies Prioritize, Schedule Railway Bridge Repairs and Rehab Mass Transit
07/31/2015 CA: Improved Model Helps Transit Agencies Predict More Accurate Staffing for Bus Routes Mass Transit
07/31/2015 How to Develop Bus-Stop Time Models in Dense Urban Areas Mass Transit
07/31/2015 Using Biodiesel in Urban Transit Buses Could Reduce Harmful Emissions Mass Transit
07/30/2015 CA: Free Emergency Exercise Handbook for Transportation and Transit Agencies Mass Transit
07/27/2015 Cupertino: City hosting a forum on alternative transportation San Jose Mercury News
07/23/2015 Forum on Innovative Transit: New Models for Silicon Valley City of Cupertino News
07/23/2015 Report: Public Transit Systems Provide Significant, Varied Benefits Clean Technica
07/17/2015 APTA: 75 Percent of Americans Support Using Tax Dollars to Improve the Country’s Public Transit Chatham Area Transport
07/16/2015 Study: Public Transit Provides Significant and Diverse Benefits Planetizen



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