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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
04/14/2014 SCVTA celebrates 25th anniversary RT&S
04/11/2014 Al Qaeda Magazine San Francisco Train Photo Concerns Lawmakers, Experts Washington Free Beacon
04/09/2014 Al Qaeda runs photo of SFO tram: 'Assemble your bomb' San Francisco Chronicle
04/09/2014 Pizarro: Commonwealth Club honors Silicon Valley's philanthropic titans San Jose Mercury News
04/05/2014 Disaster Preparedness (news video) KRON-TV
04/04/2014 Mineta Report Examines Development of Effective Regional Transit Passenger Transport
04/03/2014 Parking and traffic get spotlight in “Civility Roundtable” Mountain View Voice
04/01/2014 Leveraging Social Media and Online Tools to Increase Research Report Distribution TRB News
03/23/2014 Sam Geil discussing the Green Industry Hall of Fame KRON-TV
03/19/2014 California High Speed Rail – back on track? Railway Technology
03/16/2014 Continued Caltrain growth could depend on system improvements San Francisco Examiner
03/15/2014 Future of California's multi-billion dollar 'bullet train' becomes election issue for Dems with reelection challenge Fox News
03/13/2014 Gain Value From Technology and Private Partnerships New York Times
03/10/2014 @ThisHour with Berman and Michaela (transcript) CNN
03/07/2014 As doubts cloud California high-speed rail, plans in other states gain support Sacramento Bee
03/07/2014 California High-Speed Rail backers optimistic despite challenges San Francisco Bay Guardian
03/06/2014 SiliconValley traffic worsened 23 percent last year, devouring a week of your life Silicon Valley Business Journal
03/05/2014 What if Silicon Valley's main rail station was 15 stories high? Silicon Valley Business Journal
02/28/2014 Rod Diridon thinks traffic will put the economy in peril Silicon Valley Business Journal
02/28/2014 If Silicon Valley traffic throttles the economy, can towers on train stations save it? Silicon Valley Business Journal
02/27/2014 Mineta Transportation Institute offers free emergency preparedness handbook for transit agencies Government Security News
02/26/2014 Road Tolls Are Fair and Benefit the Poor Planetizen
02/24/2014 DC: High-Speed Rail Summit Starts 2/25 Mass Transit
02/24/2014 Emergency Preparedness in the Transportation Sector Infrastructure USA
02/21/2014 Can Bikeshare Systems Ever Stand on Their Own Two Wheels? LiveScience



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