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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
08/01/2014 Mineta National Transit Research Consortium Releases Study<tr class="hide-mntrc TMC Net
07/30/2014 Norman Mineta speaks at San Jose Rotary (podcas KLIV Radio
07/05/2014 Driving force in light rail to step out of spotlight San Jose Mercury News
06/28/2014 Capital Bikeshare works to recruit minorities and low-income residents Washington Post
06/27/2014 Support High For Targeted Gas Tax Hike Bond Buyer
06/24/2014 Report: Global HSR trends could apply to California RailwayAge
06/20/2014 Therese McMillan keynote (streaming audio/podcast) Mineta National Transportation Finance Summit
06/13/2014 Is there public support for boosting fuel taxes?<tr class="hide-mntrc Fleet Owner
06/09/2014 More lawsuits are a foregone conclusion for California high-speed rail Los Angeles Times
06/06/2014 Study: Rail transit and business startups RailwayAge
05/28/2014 Airports resist bolstering perimeter security because of cost Homeland Security Newswire
05/24/2014 Pittsburgh’s pothole penalty Pittsburgh Post Gazette
05/23/2014 Does carsharing really reduce overall driving? San Francisco Bay Guardian
05/21/2014 After Jos Bombing, Nigerian Government Ranks Worst Government In World Osun Defender
05/18/2014 End of the line for bullet train? Marin Independent Journal
05/14/2014 Bus stations ‘common targets for terror attacks’ The Cable
05/08/2014 Mapping How Far You Can Bike Without Breaking a Sweat Streetsblog
05/05/2014 Transportation Plan Proposes Business Tax but Secretary Floats Possibility of Tolls Insider Online
05/01/2014 How Can Cities Reverse Urban Sprawl, Increase Transit Use, Reduce Emissions? Property and Environmental Research Center
04/29/2014 New Hampshire increases fuel taxes to fund road projects Equipment World
04/26/2014 Shocking Revelation On BH & Sambisa Camps Holding Abducted Girls 360Nobs
04/23/2014 The Nigerian bus terminal attack: Public transport is a lucrative terror target Homeland Security News
04/22/2014 Santa Clara teen stowaway's feat highlights airport security concerns San Jose Mercury News
04/17/2014 QuakeWatch: Early Warning Systems and the Next Big One KGO Radio
04/16/2014 Can Land Use Plans and Transportation Policies Help Improve Health? Active Transportation Canada



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