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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
11/07/2014 Understanding Bikesharing Trends During a Period of Rapid Expansion Infrastructure USA
11/07/2014 What Tuesday’s Election Results Mean for Transportation Government Technology
11/03/2014 Transportation Roundup My Parking Sign
10/30/2014 Bikeshare pricing could slow trend’s rapid expansion Cycling Central
10/29/2014 Study shows air-quality benefits of biodiesel in city buses Biodiesel Magazine
10/29/2014 Bikeshare pricing could slow trend’s rapid expansion Business Reporter (Australia)
10/29/2014 Why don't the poor use bike share systems? Vox
10/27/2014 Bikeshare's Income Disparity Problem Planetizen
10/24/2014 Bike-Share Is (Still) Struggling to Reach Poor People Across North America CityLab
10/22/2014 Transit Villages or Rampant Urban Sprawl - Silicon Valley; Let's Get Moving; Summit 2014 YouTube
10/17/2014 Building a Recovery: Americans vote for transportation investment Grand Rapids Legal News
10/15/2014 Diridon Receives Hall of Fame Distinction Metro Magazine
10/08/2014 Diridon to enter APTA Hall of Fame Progressive Railroading
10/01/2014 Hey, Congressman. Want to keep your job? Listen to the voters and invest in transportation PennLive
10/01/2014 METRO's Most Influential People of the Decade Metro Magazine
09/30/2014 The Current State of Nigeria The Scoop
09/26/2014 New York City’s transit system may not be facing an imminent terrorist threat, but many have tried Quartz
09/26/2014 High-Speed Rail Conference in Los Angeles to Draw top Government Officials and Business Leaders Mass Transit
09/24/2014 Mineta institute releases study on “automated transit networks” Trains
09/19/2014 Personal Rapid Transit Is Probably Never Going to Happen City Lab
09/16/2014 More than two-thirds of Americans support more federal dollars for public transportation, APTA says Progressive Railroading
09/15/2014 Poll: 68 percent want more transit spending The Hill
09/15/2014 More Than Two-Thirds of Americans Support Increased Federal Investment in Public Transportation APTA Media Center
09/14/2014 Sal Pizarro: Same Trolley, New Conductor San Jose Mercury News
09/12/2014 Transbay Transit Center; The Big Transit Picture Save SF Muni



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