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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
A New Materials and Design Approach for Roads, Bridges, Pavement, and Concrete February 2020 Fuchs, Acharya, Cabrales, Bergkamp & Michieka
The Potential for Autonomous Vehicle Technologies to Address Barriers to Driving for Individuals with Autism February 2020 Rodier
Harmonizing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Transportation and Land-Use Planning in California Cities February 2020 Alexander, Agrawal, Hooper & Boswell
Transportation, Terrorism and Crime: Deterrence, Disruption and Resilience January 2020 Goodrich & Edwards
Impact of Smart Phones’ Interaction Modality on Driving Performance for Conventional and Autonomous Vehicles January 2020 Favaro
The Potential for Using Loyalty Rewards and Incentives Programs to Encourage Transit Ridership and Regional Transportation and Land Use Integration December 2019 Ferrell
Green Up Pavement Rehabilitation Design Tool December 2019 Andrei, Kochan & Perez
Automated Measurement of Heavy Equipment Greenhouse Gas Emission: The Case of Road/Bridge Construction and Maintenance December 2019 Akhavian
Design of a Feedback-Controlled Wireless Converter for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging Applications December 2019 Badawy
Manual for Slurry Surfacing December 2019 Lane, Cheng & Hicks
Manual for Cape Seals December 2019 Hicks, Lane & Cheng
Literature Review on Performance, Best Practices, and Training Needs for Chip Seals, Slurry Surfacing, and Cape Seal December 2019 Joslin, Lopez, Cheng & Hicks
“Smashing Into Crowds” -- An Analysis of Vehicle Ramming Attacks November 2019 Jenkins & Butterworth
Moving from Walkability? Evaluation Traditional and Merging Data Sources for Evaluating Changes in Campus-Generated Greenhouse Gas Emissions November 2019 Kawahara, Liu, Pande, Thigpen & Voulgaris
A Framework for Integrating Transportation Into Smart Cities October 2019 Shaheen, Cohen, Doud & Davis
Youth Design the Future of Transportation for Their Community October 2019 Wandeler, Hart, & Mercado
Predicting Acceptable Wait Times for Patrons at Transit Bus Stops by Time of Day October 2019 Arhin
Manual for Chip Seals October 2019 Hicks, Cheng & Lane
Bridge Monitoring Using a Digital Camera: Photogrammetry-Based Bridge Dynamic Deformation Monitoring October 2019 Ahn, Peterson & Nazari
How Effective are Toll Roads in Improving Operational Performance? September 2019 Mathew & Pulugurtha




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