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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
05/18/2010 Ronn Owens Show: MTI-Sponsored Speaker on Electric Cars KGO Radio
05/10/2010 Mineta Institute Report Examines Rail Attacks Passenger Transport
05/06/2010 NYC bomb suspect had clear background USA Today
05/06/2010 Tempering the talk about HSR up north LA Curbed
05/06/2010 California high-speed rail hires CEO for $375,000 San Mateo County Times
05/05/2010 Groups release report in favor of East Bay bullet train route San Jose Mercury News
04/13/2010 New Report Maps Link Between Overseas Transit Attacks and Domestic Risk DC Streets Blog
04/12/2010 Green transportation taxes and fees Enviromental Valuation & Cost Benefit News
04/12/2010 High-speed rail in San Jose stirs debate The Spartan Daily
04/12/2010 Al-Qaeda Wants Nuclear Strike on U.S., Obama Warns NTI
04/09/2010 Time to Join the World of High Speed Rail Business Journal
04/07/2010 If BART reopens public restrooms, the terrorists win San Francisco Weekly
04/07/2010 Residents attend HSR meetings ABC-7 News
04/05/2010 Feds focus on aviation, but threat more likely on subways The Takeaway
04/02/2010 Transportation Study Brings Security Changes CBN News
04/02/2010 Mass Transportation Security Mess: Report Details Chilling Inefficiencies Good Morning America
04/02/2010 Caltrain's last hope may lie with taxpayers Oakland Tribune
04/01/2010 Big service cuts for Caltrain KCBS News
03/31/2010 Public Transit´s "Open System" Leaves It Vulnerable Mass Transit
03/31/2010 Is rail security adequate? Questions raised in Congress RailwayAge
03/31/2010 US Transit Security Gets Boost after Moscow Blasts Homeland Security Today
03/31/2010 US Transit Security Gets Boost after Moscow Blasts Mass Transit
03/30/2010 All aboard time for high-speed rail Oregon Live
03/30/2010 Russian train attack renews U.S. rail security concerns Homeland Security Today
03/29/2010 U.S. Transit Security Gets Boost after Moscow Bombings USA Today



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