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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
03/10/2009 MTI: Where crime is high, people use less transit All Business
03/10/2009 Crime Not an Obstacle to Transit in San Francisco Reuters
03/04/2009 Diridon addresses local HSR issues Mass Transit
03/02/2009 Wi-Drive proposes service; Diridon not so sure San Francisco Chronicle
02/25/2009 Ignoring rail put US on the wrong track Int’l Herald Tribune
02/22/2009 Diridon interviewed about high-speed rail CBS News
02/18/2009 Roadshow: Do public officials use alternative transport? San Jose Mercury News
02/17/2009 Transportation Leaders Walk the Talk San Jose Mercury News
02/13/2009 California Schools Compete in Garrett Morgan Program Construction Equipment Guide
02/12/2009 Strengthening the Safety of Our Mass Transit System Project Disaster
01/26/2009 Carpool buy-in could be tough sell Media News Group
01/25/2009 Diridon addresses the need for speed at HSR conference The Lyme Times
01/23/2009 Diridon is special speaker at New London transportation meeting Thames River Times
01/23/2009 Diridon addresses carpool lane issue San Jose Mercury News
01/21/2009 Diridon sees hope in stimulus package SF Bay Guardian
01/06/2009 Summary of speakers at New London transportation meeting This New England
01/03/2009 School joins Garrett Morgan competition Eureka Times Standard
01/01/2009 High-speed rail optimistic about more spending BLET News
12/11/2008 Betty Dravis names Rod Diridon and Norman Mineta as mentors WriteType
12/09/2008 Brian Jenkins article about Mumbai attacks Middle East Times
12/09/2008 Rod Diridon quoted about light rail projects Arizona Republic
12/05/2008 Peter Bergen commentary on WMD, wi quotes from Brian Michael Jenkins CNN Politics
12/02/2008 Light rail promoted in Washington to new administration ABC-TV
12/01/2008 MTI expert: Terrorism is a terrifying strategic logic Adnkronos
12/01/2008 MTI expert: Terrorism is a terrifying strategic logic Adnkronos



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