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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
12/06/2011 Weekend Fatalities Highlight Need For Train Track Safety Solutions CBS San Francisco
12/02/2011 U.S.-China Transportation Dialogue Forges Ahead; APTA Business Member Involvement Encouraged Passenger Transport
12/01/2011 Protecting our Nation’s Critical Transportation Infrastructure – MTI NTSCOE: COOP/COG and Transportation Infrastructure Resiliency National Transportation Security Center of Excellence Newsletter
11/24/2011 U.S. shopping malls to use your cell phone to track your every move San Francisco Examiner
11/20/2011 California high-speed rail officials say effect of federal cuts will be minimal San Francisco Examiner
11/16/2011 High-Speed Rail Could Skip South Bay San Jose Inside
11/15/2011 Peninsulans still leery of high-speed rail Modesto Bee
11/03/2011 Tracking California's High-Speed Rail NPR: On Point
11/01/2011 What to Expect in the New High-Speed Rail Business Plan KCET
10/28/2011 Guide to transport sector business continuity planning published Continuity Central
10/13/2011 New guidelines to make bridges more truss-worthy Homeland 1
10/13/2011 Cost of California high-speed rail may surge San Francisco Examiner
10/10/2011 Monuments not always best way to honor deceased San Jose Mercury News
10/05/2011 First mile, last mile: Plugging gaps in city commutes Smart Planet
09/27/2011 Conscious Commuter Corporation to Present Panel “Solving the First and Last Mile Commute Problem” at Inaugural SXSW Eco Conference PR Web
09/26/2011 Study Finds Congestion Pricing Better at Reducing Traffic When Linked With Land-Use Planning to Broaden Transportation Options BrightSurf
09/23/2011 Long-term transportation must be priority Rockford Register Star
09/21/2011 Public Supports 10-cent Gas-Tax Increase if Revs Reduce Air Pollution For Construction Pros
09/21/2011 Airlines fume; fliers face a higher 9/11 tax Research Sharebuilder
09/21/2011 Roadshow: Raising the gas tax to fix potholes has supporters San Jose Mercury News
09/09/2011 A decade after 9/11, airport security shifts focus Public Broadcasting Atlanta
09/09/2011 Post 9/11, MARTA Uses “Target Hardening” Initiatives to Counter Terror Threat Marketwatch
09/08/2011 Al Qaeda’s Outsize Shadow New York Times
09/06/2011 Travel in a post-9/11 world ABC News
09/02/2011 Caltrans goes on repaving binge across Bay Area San Jose Mercury News



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