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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
12/05/2008 Peter Bergen commentary on WMD, wi quotes from Brian Michael Jenkins CNN Politics
12/02/2008 Light rail promoted in Washington to new administration ABC-TV
12/01/2008 MTI expert: Terrorism is a terrifying strategic logic Adnkronos
12/01/2008 MTI expert: Terrorism is a terrifying strategic logic Adnkronos
12/01/2008 MTI Director as possible Transportation Secretary Contra Costa Times
11/24/2008 Diridon at HSR meeting Orlando Business Journal
11/21/2008 The sleeping giant wakes up Asian Week
11/20/2008 Meetings in Washington to outline agenda for high-speed rail Macro World Investor
11/18/2008 Mineta as ambassador to Japan? Nichi-Bei Times
11/17/2008 Should Diridon run for Congress? Mission City Lantern
11/16/2008 Obama's first international crisis, by Brian Jenkins San Diego Union-Tribune
11/15/2008 MTI directors among ose considered for Cabinet Live Journal
10/23/2008 Diridon on HSR and rail travel (Broadcast) KBAY Radio
10/23/2008 Diridon discusses HSR and risk of terror on trains Bunker Report: Best of KGO
10/23/2008 Expert says nuclear terrorism is not a major threat Government Executive
10/22/2008 High speed rail in California (Broadcast) KGO Radio, Ronn Owens Show
10/19/2008 Benefits of HSR Wired
10/18/2008 Gas Tax Broken: State Explores Other Ideas Syracuse (NY) Post-Standard
10/15/2008 Let's Dream of a Non-Wretched Fisherman's Wharf
10/12/2008 Why we need HSR: Opinion piece by MTI executive director Santa Cruz (CA) Sentinel
10/07/2008 MTI Security Director interviewed about terrorism Wall Street Journal
10/06/2008 Georgia dispute derails bid to stop nuke terrorism, says expert Providence (RI) Journal
10/06/2008 MTI Security Director notes progress and failures wi transportation security San Francisco Examiner
10/03/2008 Local officials "green light" HSR KTVU
10/03/2008 HSR would be boon to California Merced Sun-Star



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