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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
03/13/2012 Bullet train economic impact won't occur without some help--study Bakersfield Californian
03/12/2012 What Do Women Transit Users Want? KCET
03/12/2012 A New Report on Suicide Bombing Against Public Transportation in Israel Homeland Security Policy Institute
03/09/2012 Mineta Transportation Institute issues recommendations for high-speed station planning HSR Updates
03/09/2012 What Women Want (in Sustainable Transit) Next American City
03/08/2012 Planning Key to Rail Cities' Success Mass Transit
03/08/2012 City, County Growth and High-Speed Rail Development a ‘Two-Way Street’ California Progress Report
03/08/2012 Celebrating Women in Sustainable Transport The City Fix
03/07/2012 Study: Planning key for cities along high-speed rail Fresno Bee
03/06/2012 California High Speed Rail Project Case Study Released Best Syndication
03/05/2012 Making bus transportation more secure: Learning from Israel’s experience Homeland Security Newswire
03/04/2012 Stanley Feinsod interviewed about high-speed rail (no recording available) KBAY Radio News
03/02/2012 Researchers Hope Lessons Learned in Second Intifada Will Open Dialogue About U.S. Transit Security Security Management
02/25/2012 Sex Crimes Pass Under the Radar on Public Transit New York Times
02/22/2012 Students Honored at 15th Annual CUTC Awards Banquet Construction Equipment
02/21/2012 User Preference Key to Implementing Sustainable Transportation The City Fix
02/21/2012 User Preference Key to Implementing Sustainable Transportation The City Fix
02/16/2012 Link Love: To Be Inspired Edition Chasing Mailboxes DC (Blog)
02/15/2012 Is 'Flack' a Four-Letter Word? Profnet
02/15/2012 New Report from Mineta Transportation Research Institute Bike Forums
02/13/2012 Transport & Urban Design News Roundup The Energy Bulletin
02/06/2012 Honolulu Rail Critic Continues 'Fearmongering' Hawaii Reporter
02/05/2012 Mineta Transportation Institute receives $ 3.5 million grant for transportation research and education The Spartan Daily
02/03/2012 California High-Speed Rail debate, featuring MTI researcher, educator and high-speed rail expert Stan Feinsod with former World Bank economist William Gridley KGO, Ronn Owens Show
01/30/2012 Honours for US transport researchers and educators World Highways



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