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The Mineta Consortium for Transportation Mobility organizes or participates in several transportation-related events each year. These include national summits, regional forums, industry conferences, or special events and broadcasts. You can find leading transportation experts at all of these events, making them an excellent resource not only for professional and research insights, but also for networking.

Dates Events
May 21, 2019 MTI Research Snaps Webinar: "Legal Regulation of Bikes, E-bikes, and Scooters"

A Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI) report explores the “rules of the road” around the use of emerging “personal transportation devices.” Also known as “micromobility,” the number and use of these devices has exploded in recent years, highlighted by the arrival of electric scooters in cities over the past couple of years. The report explores to the degree states, cities, and college campuses are or are not regulating these new devices. This webinar with the authors reviews their findings and discussed recommendations from their recent report.

Brianne Eby, Policy Analyst, Eno Center for Transportation

Kevin Fang, Assistant Professor, Sonoma State University

Kevin is an Assistant Professor of Geography, Environment, and Planning at Sonoma State University and a Research Associate at the Mineta Transportation Center. His research centers on sustainable transportation alternatives, including recent work on skateboarding for transportation and cycling, and current work on emerging “micromobility” modes of travel. In particular, Kevin is interested in the characteristics and behavior of alternative modes and their users, as well as to the degree land use enables or precludes their use.

Asha Weinstein Agrawal, Professor, San Jose State University

Asha Weinstein Agrawal works at San José State University, where she is Director of the Mineta Transportation Institute’s National Transportation Finance Center and MTI’s Education Director, as well as a Professor of Urban and Regional Planning. Her research agenda is guided by a commitment to the principles of sustainability and equity: what planning and policy tools can communities adopt to encourage environmentally-friendly travel and improve accessibility for people struggling with poverty or other disadvantages? She has explored this question most deeply through two substantive areas – transportation finance policy and the travel behavior of pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders. (More info, including publications, is here.)

Presenters: Asha W. Agrawal, PhD, Brianne Eby, and Kevin Fang
May 17, 2019 2019 Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition

Garrett Augustus Morgan (1877-1963) was one of seven children born in Kentucky to former slaves. After enduring the challenges of farming in the South and having to quit school to earn a living at the age of 14, he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. While working as a handyman in Ohio, Morgan hired a tutor to continue his education, influencing him to open his own business as a clothing manufacturer and start a successful newspaper. Garrett Morgan's innovative drive led him to obtain many patents, but one of his most prominent inventions, the three-way traffic signal, was designed to make roads safer for everyone, but especially pedestrians. It is not only for his inventions, but for his innovative spirit and determination for continued education in the face of adversity that MTI is proud to honor this trailblazer through the Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Competition

This year From the Heart Christian SchoolJuan Crespi Middle SchoolToddy Thomas Middle School, MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate SchoolCalifornia Montessori Project- Capitol CampusSutter Middle SchoolHazelton Middle School, and Crownpoint Middle School schools registered to compete. This year's winners demonstrated that the future is in good hands with California Montessori taking first place and MacArthur Fundamental Intermediate and Sutter Middle School took 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

May 16, 2019 MTI Visiting Scholar Series presents: Dr. Sandra Rosenbloom in "Changing Spatial Patterns of Aging: Mobility and Access Implications"  -  San José, CA

Over 75% of US seniors currently live in suburban and rural areas, living patterns that have only intensified over the past 40 years, in spite of occasional press reports to the contrary. Over 90% of those seniors are active drivers well into their 80’s; they have fashioned their lives around the flexibility and access offered by a car even as their transit use has dropped precipitously--travel patterns all but dictated by the places in which they live. Yet seniors walk for an increasing percent of all trips as they age. Sandra Rosenbloom argues that we have to keep older drivers in their cars as long as safely possible and retrofit the suburban communities in which older people are aging-in-place to provide meaningful transportation and housing options to those who can’t or don’t continue to drive.

May 16, 2019 to May 19, 2019 2019 ICTPA 32nd Annual Conference


The International Chinese Transportation Professionals Association (ICTPA)  hosted its 32nd Annual Conference May 16-19, 2019, in San Jose, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, known worldwide for consumer and transportation technology development. ICTPA’s conference is recognized as the leading U.S.-to-Asia platform for information exchange, networking opportunities and business development. It is the top venue to present new findings and learn about the latest technical information in transportation. Detailed conference information is at:

Conference Topics

In keeping with the Silicon Valley location, this year’s conference theme is “Innovation in Transportation" with the following topics:​
(1) Transportation Planning and System Development: including but not limited to modeling, simulation, policy, pilots, impacts of MaaS, AV, CV, micr.mobility​, etc.
(2) Transportation Infrastructure: including but not limited to infrastructure design, complete streets/active transportation, V2X, SPaT, fleet electrification​, EV charging, etc.
(3) Transportation System Operations & Maintenance: including but not limited to ridehailing, integrated fare payment, traffic safety, vulnerable road users, ADAS, microtransit​, etc.
(4) Other Related Transportation Topics

Conference Schedule

Day 1: Technical Tour (1-5 pm) and Dinner, May 16, 2019 
Day 2: Opening Ceremony and Whole Day Conference (8:30 am-5 pm) and Dinner, May 17, 2019 
Day 3: Whole Day Conference (8:30 am-3 pm) and ICTPA Board Meeting, May 18, 2019 
Day 4: Post-Conference Visit, Optional, May 19, 2019

April 30, 2019 to May 2, 2019 West Coast Rail Conference 2019  -  Los Angeles, CA

With recent changes made to California's high-speed rail plan and concerns over future projects, USHSR brought leading professionals, industry leaders, and government officials to Los Angeles for the West Coast Rails Conference. 

Location: The conference takes place at MTA Headquarters - One Gateway Plaza, Los Angeles, CA, 90012.

April 27, 2019 San Jose State’s Urban Planning Coalition presents: "Personal Transportation Devices: Present and Future"

San Jose State’s Urban Planning Coalition presented their 2019 annual spring symposium. This year’s topic focused on personal transportation devices (PTDs).

April 25, 2019 "How Your Apps are Opening You Up to Cyberattacks" a lunch and learn with Ash Padwal, Chief Risk Officer of Allied Telesis  -  San José, CA
April 2, 2019 to April 7, 2019 ABC's of Bike Safety Maintenance  -  San José, CA

In partnership with California's Community Cycles, elementary school sudents were taught the basics of bike mechanics and repair. 

  • Air! Students learned to repair or replace a bike tire.
  • Brakes! Students learned how to check their brakes, grease them, and replace brake pads.
  • Chains! Students learned to identify issues with their chain and how to grease, tighten, or replace it.
March 16, 2019 Grant Writing with James Griffith of the Governor's Office of Emergency Services  -  San Jose State University: Clark 202

MPAs and MSTMs joined us as James Griffith, MPA of the Governor's Office of Emergency Services taught a Grant Writing Workshop for the MPA program. Admission was free for MPA and MSTM students at San Jose State University. Attendees who completed the day received a certificate of attendance for 4 contact hours of instruction for their training record provided by the Mineta Tranportation Institute, where James is a Research Assistant. 

February 2, 2019 Santa Clara County Women's Leadership Policy Summit  -  San José, CA

"A gathering of women and allies for a day of education, engagement and empowerment."

Session 1 Panels:

  • Housing 101. Designed specifically for advocates and newcomers to the planning and land use process. How do we create housing, how does the process work, what are our current housing needs?
  • Transportation 101. How are transit and transportation plans developed and funded? What are the links between city, county and regional plans and funds? How do school districts and other interests become involved?
  • Wage and Equity. From the personal to the regional. How do you negotiate for yourself, establish fair work place policies in your organization or advocate for regional change?
  • Policy Initiatives. Learn how existing initiatives can augment services you provide or want to provide. We will touch on labor standards, LGBTQ affairs, youth resources and behavioral health.

Session 2 Panels:

  • Housing 102. Navigating new or proposed legislation at regional, state and Federal levels. We will discuss Local Measure A 2016 that lead to new Homebuyers Initiatives and the regional CASA initiative.
  • Transportation 102. Case studies in advocacy and developing safer communities. How to develop priorities and fund programs.
  • How to be an Effective Leader From Both sides of the Dais. From the basics of meeting management to developing skills and alliances necessary to move policy forward.
  • Policy Initiatives. Learn how existing initiatives can augment services you provide or want to provide. We will touch on labor standards, LGBTQ affairs, youth resources and behavioral health.



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