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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
A Micro-Scale Analysis of Cycling Demand, Safety, and Network Quality September 2020 Ryan, Garate & Foote
Surveying Silicon Valley on Cycling, Travel Behavior, and Travel Attitudes August 2020 Fang
Assessing Complete Street Strategies Using Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models June 2020 Liu, Shams, Howard, Alexander, Hughes & Pande
A Multi-Objective Optimization Model to Minimize the Gap in Accessibility to Multi- Use Paths While Maximizing the Economic Efficiency of Active Transportation Investments for Fresno, California June 2020 Wang
The Geographic Disparities in Transportation-Related Physical Activity in the United States: An Analysis of the 2017 NHTS Data April 2020 Dong
Moving from Walkability? Evaluation Traditional and Merging Data Sources for Evaluating Changes in Campus-Generated Greenhouse Gas Emissions November 2019 Kawahara, Liu, Pande, Thigpen & Voulgaris
Evaluating Alternative Measures of Bicycling Level of Traffic Stress Using Crowdsourced Route Satisfaction Data September 2019 Harvey, Fang, & Rodriquez
Developing a Fair Accessibility Framework through Green (Non-Auto) Transportation Modes for Fresno, California August 2019 Wang & Chen
Community Benefits and Lessons for Local Engagement in a California Open Streets Event: A Mixed-Methods Assessment of Viva CalleSJ 2018 August 2019 Douglas, Agrawal, Currin-Percival, Cushing & DeHaan
How and Where Should I Ride This Thing? “Rules Of The Road” for Personal Transportation Devices May 2019 Fang, Agrawal & Hooper




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