Transportation and the Triple-Bottom Line Conference promotes sustainable transportation

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March 7, 2017
San José, CA

An array of national experts, practitioners, and scholars on social equity and transportation, the environmental impact of transport, and financial mechanisms for secure and continuous transit systems will discuss sustainable transportation at the Transportation and the Triple Bottom-Line Conference on Friday, April 28, 2017 in San José, CA.

The Transportation and the Triple Bottom-Line Conference is organized by TransportiCA and co-sponsored by the Mineta Transportation Institute, San José State University’s Department of Urban and Regional Planning, and SPUR. Informational partners include Poi Technologies, TransForm, and Transport Presidio.

The conference brings together students, educators, and professionals to explore the concept of sustainable transportation. By integrating existing discourse and studies on sustainability and Elkington's and Savitz' Triple-Bottom Line, attendees will leave with a holistic and objective definition of sustainable transportation, allowing all parties the ability to confidently and equally assess and explain such transportation.

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