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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
11/11/2022 November OODA Network Member Meeting Features Brian Michael Jenkins In A Discussion Of A Grave Threat to Democracy OODA Loop
11/02/2022 Mineta Transportation Institute Report Flags Industry Vulnerability, Suggests Solutions Transit California
10/31/2022 Feature Commentary: Elements of a Pragmatic Strategy to Counter Domestic Political Violence CTC Sentinel
10/28/2022 Transportation issuers increasingly at risk of cyber attack The Bond Buyer
10/26/2022 Mineta Transportation Institute: Microtransit fills transit, ride-hailing public transit void Transportation Today
10/25/2022 New Mineta perspective argues microtransit a great idea for transit's post-pandemic recovery Mass Transit
10/20/2022 Putting the Brakes on Targeted Attacks Against Transit Agencies Cybersecurity Insiders
10/17/2022 How COVID-19 changed transportation funding in the Bay Area KCBS Radio
10/17/2022 Using Analytics to Help the Vulnerable: Assistant Professor Kezban Yagci Sokat SJSU NewsCenter
10/17/2022 California's Electric Revolution KTVU FOX 2
10/07/2022 Researchers present strategies to reduce freight greenhouse gas emissions Transportation Today
10/06/2022 Philbrick: How to provide more train safety and control San Jose Spotlight
10/06/2022 California Plan to Ensure Transportation Dollars are Invested in Climate-Friendly Ways: First Annual Report Streetsblog California
10/03/2022 San Jose Spotlight: Following San Jose, State Tosses Parking Requirements SFGATE
09/30/2022 How Transit Agencies Can Leverage Vendors to Improve Their Cyber Risk Exposure METRO Magazine
09/29/2022 How a rise in EVs could prompt a change to the CA gas tax KCBS Radio
09/29/2022 Following San Jose, state tosses parking requirements San Jose Spotlight
09/21/2022 MTC-ABAG Executive Director Therese McMillan announces retirement Mass Transit
09/20/2022 MTC-ABAG Executive Director Therese McMillan Announces Retirement MTC
09/19/2022 The new normal: Trends in telecommuting influence transportation, employment and more Mass Transit
09/16/2022 MTI Examines Telecommuting Trends in Transportation METRO Magazine
09/15/2022 Trains keep on rolling: High-profile interventions prevent rail-worker strike KTVU FOX 2
09/14/2022 With attacks on public transit up, cities struggle to make riders feel safer Smart Cities Dive
09/14/2022 California Gov Newsom signs anti-Asian hate bills NewsExplorer
09/14/2022 Governor Newsom Strengthens State’s Commitment to a California For All STL.News



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