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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
09/22/2020 The American 'jihad' was a failure — for those who joined, it was a path to destruction The Hill
09/17/2020 Professional Interactive Webinar Series: Implementing the Future of Transportation Digital Journal
09/15/2020 Bike Share Equity for Underrepresented Groups: Analyzing Barriers to System Usage in Baltimore, Maryland Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
09/15/2020 WEBINAR: Implementing the Future of Transportation - DOT Secretaries Planetizen
09/13/2020 Truck Drivers Face Challenges, and Research is Here to Help National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
09/10/2020 Attitudes and behaviors related to cycling TRB News
09/02/2020 On the Road Again Bay Area Monitor
09/01/2020 Experts fear escalation of political violence as high-stakes election nears
08/31/2020 Considering the Potential Health Impacts of Electric Scooters: An Analysis of User Reported Behaviors in Provo, Utah Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
08/21/2020 How the COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd protests could give rise to terrorism NBC Bay Area
08/20/2020 California’s Search For Equitable, Sustainable, And Safe Transportation Choices Fox&Hounds
08/20/2020 5 Drivers Have Hit Colorado Protesters With Vehicles This Summer 5280
08/18/2020 What's Next: The Road to Post-COVID Recovery Propel by Eno
08/07/2020 Philbrick: Leadership in times of crisis San Jose Spotlight
08/07/2020 Study: Carpool Payments Would Reduce Traffic Congestion AASHTO Journal
08/04/2020 Video Urges Arson as ‘Five-Star’ Terror Tactic, Shows California Burning ST-ISAc Triad Report
07/31/2020 Mineta Transportation Institute releases study showing carpooling for cash could help clear congestion Mass Transit Magazine
07/31/2020 Mineta Institute finds drivers would carpool for $15 a day, reducing congestion Transportation Today
07/28/2020 21 former security leaders: We oppose militarized DHS deployment in Portland USA Today
07/24/2020 Arizona woman tried sending money to Al Qaeda for weapons to 'kill Americans': FBI MSN
07/24/2020 Arizona woman tried sending money to Al Qaeda for weapons to 'kill Americans': FBI Voice of the Highway
07/24/2020 Global: Terrorist Threat Persists as “War” Against COVID-19 Continues RADAR
07/24/2020 Mineta Transportation Institute Researchers Address MBUFA Members Regarding Recently Released Study on Mileage Fees MBUFA
07/24/2020 Moord, Wallstreet en 9/11 – Bizarre connecties in en rondom Epstein-Deutsche Bank zaak De Dagelijkse Staandard
07/24/2020 A “Wartime” California As It Was Eighty Years Ago? Yes And No Hoover Institution



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