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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
10/26/2020 San José State University Master of Urban and Regional Planning Planetizen
10/26/2020 Harnessing public and private contributions proposed as key to advancing major infrastructure projects Transportation Today
10/21/2020 Carpooling could reduce traffic for commuters, visitors to Coastside Half Moon Bay Review
10/21/2020 Drivers struck street protesters dozens of times this summer as memes of vehicle attacks circulated, researchers say CNN
10/20/2020 Is The Transit Industry Prepared for the Cyber Revolution? Smart Cities Connect
10/15/2020 NEWS Only 60 per cent of U.S. transit agencies have cyber-attack preparedness plans Intelligent Transport
10/14/2020 Replace deadly carbon combustion with clean solar and wind power San Francisco Chronicle
10/14/2020 Transit agencies 'ill prepared' for cyberattack: survey CIO Dive
10/13/2020 Transit agencies 'ill prepared' for cyberattack: survey Smart Cities World
10/13/2020 A Tale of Two Responses to Pandemic Travel Politico
10/13/2020 Additional explosive-making materials found after man suffers 'traumatic' injury in Gilroy explosion Fox KTVU2
10/12/2020 Hackers looking for new targets, from educational institutions to automobiles (2 others) Wireless Wire News
10/09/2020 Mileage Fee Research and Information Directory Center Online Now at the Mineta Transportation Institute Mileage Based User Fee Alliance (MBUFA)
10/09/2020 Transit 'unprepared' for cyberattack, says MTI ITS International
10/09/2020 Catalyst TALKS: Future of Mobility and Cyber Security Catalyst
10/09/2020 Three fifths of transit agencies in the U.S. have a cyber preparedness plan Security Magazine
10/08/2020 New research asks: ‘How Prepared Is Transit for a Cyber Attack?’ Mass Transit Magazine
10/08/2020 Only 60 per cent of transit agencies have a cybersecurity preparedness plan Smart Cities World
10/08/2020 UC Davis Pavement Research Center receives $32 million interagency agreement from caltrans 7th Space
10/01/2020 Philbrick: Internet, public transit connect with WiFi Bus San Jose Spotlight
10/01/2020 Would $15 a day persuade you to carpool? Roadshow San Jose Mercury News
10/01/2020 Would $15 a day persuade you to carpool? Roadshow East Bay Times
09/30/2020 Study finds major problems in American transit cyber security Highways-News
09/24/2020 WEBINAR FRIDAY: Implementing the Future of Transportation - DOT Secretaries / CA High Speed Rail Planetizen
09/23/2020 Implementing the Future of Transportation Webinar - Added Panelist Brian Kelly/CEO California High Speed Rail Authority Fox21 Delmara



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