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MTI research publications are available to download. All publications are listed below. To sort by topic area, select the specific topic from the dropdown menu below.

Title Date Author
Assessing Public Health Benefits of Replacing Freight Trucks with Cargo Cycles in Last Leg Delivery Trips in Urban Centers June 2022 Hartle, Elrahman, Wang, Rodriguez, Ding & McGahan
Robots Among Us: An Analysis of Community Perspectives and Reactions toward Sidewalk Delivery Robots in the City of San José May 2022 Alexander
Inventorying San Francisco Bay Area Parking Spaces: Technical Report Describing Objectives, Methods, and Results February 2022 Chester, Helmrich & Li
Negotiating Transportation Insecurity: Local Responses and Coping Strategies in San Jose, CA February 2022 Ng & Beresford
Challenges to Electric Vehicle Adoption February 2022 Cohen
Achieving Excellence for California’s Freight System: Developing Competitiveness and Performance Metrics; Incorporating Sustainability, Resilience, and Workforce Development December 2021 Ke, Prager, Martinez & Cagle
Spatio-Temporal Analysis of the Roadside Transportation Related Air Quality (STARTRAQ) and Neighborhood Characterization August 2021 Kwon, Ahn & Chung
TOD and Park-and-Ride: Which is Appropriate Where? January 2021 Niles & Pogodzinski
Local Climate Action Planning as a Tool to Harness the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation and Equity Potential of Autonomous Vehicles and On-Demand Mobility January 2021 Alexander, Agrawal & Clark
Toward a Guide for Smart Mobility Corridors: Frameworks and Tools for Measuring, Understanding, and Realizing Transportation Land Use Coordination December 2020 Appleyard, Stanton & Allen




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