Recognizing the Potential to Reduce GHG Emissions Through Air Transportation Electrification

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Recognizing the Potential to Reduce GHG Emissions Through Air Transportation Electrification


California is aggressively moving forward with efforts to deploy zero-emission transportation technology to fight climate change, especially the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from the high-impact transportation sector. However, to date, the investments California has made with Cap-and-Trade funding have focused on ground transportation and some marine sources and not the aircraft at the over 140 airports in the state. Through a California-focused comprehensive GHG emissions analysis, this research project seeks to determine how RAM using electric/hybrid electric aircraft can provide new high-speed transportation for high-priority passenger and cargo movement within Fresno County and connections to coastal urban centers. Using VISION, a model developed by the Argonne National Laboratory Transportation Systems Assessment Group, the research team identified and compared the emission per mile and emission per passenger mile between different modes of transportation using traditional petroleum fuel and other sustainable alternatives at an individual level and within the context of the transportation sector, by comparing different modes of transportation. With this estimation on hand, it becomes more viable for the state of California and other states, as well as the federal government, to establish guidelines and goals for transportation policies and investments.



Dr. Roa is currently an Assistant Professor at California State University (CSU), Fresno. Before joining California State University Fresno in 2018, he was an Instructor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he completed his Master’s degree (2008) and doctoral degree (2018) in civil engineering. The aim of Dr. Roa’s research is to contribute to air transportation sustainability. This includes researching renewable energy supplies to support the aviation industry’s transition to fully electric systems, as well as evaluating required modifications and additions to airport infrastructure in order to accommodate new technologies. Dr. Roa also has interests in regional mobility, urban mobility, and reducing air transportation environmental impact. Dr. Roa’s current teaching at CSU, Fresno includes undergraduate and graduate courses in Transportation Planning and Design; Airport Planning and Design; and DataScience, Simulation, and Modeling. He has contributed to STEM outreach activities since 2012.


Mr. Oldham is a native of Fresno and President/CEO of New Vision Aviation, Inc. A general aviation pilot since 1974, Mr. Oldham is the project lead for the Sustainable Aviation Project that has deployed four Pipistrel Alpha Electro aircraft in Fresno County and developed the first network of electric aircraft charging infrastructure in the United States. Mr. Oldham has over 220 hours of flight experience in the Alpha Electro aircraft making him one of the most experienced pilots in electric aircraft flight operations in the United States. New Vision Aviation is a non-profit devoted to providing education and training in aviation for residents in the San Joaquin Valley with a primary emphasis on youth from disadvantaged communities in the region. New Vision Aviation’s tag line is “Elevating People Through Aviation.”


Marina Lima has a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from CSU, Fresno. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Brasilia, her hometown, and moved to Fresno, CA in 2019 to work in a local civil engineering company. Ever since, she has gained experience in transportation engineering, being involved in drafting and designing many local commercial and residential projects with AutoCad Civil 3D. Marina’s particular interest in air transportation comes from her lifelong passion for travelling all over the world. While working on her undergraduate thesis on transportation, her interest in the subject grew more, and she saw in CSU, Fresno the opportunity to delve even further in this topic. Marina recently joined JMA Civil as a Senior Project Engineer. 

July 2023
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