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MTI’s expertise in surface transportation topics has brought the organization a great deal of media coverage. This list represents a sample that includes print and broadcast stories.

Date Title Media Outlet
02/04/2010 HSR corridors may have to compete for federal funds MSN Money
02/03/2010 High-Speed Rail Will Benefit San Jose San Francisco Examiner
02/01/2010 High-Speed Rail Presents Challenges, Great Opportunity Passenger Transport
01/29/2010 Federal HSR rail funding boost puts project on fast track in Bay Area Oakland Tribune
01/29/2010 California HSRproject could break ground this year San Gabriel Valley Tribune
01/28/2010 HSR groundbreaking could happen this year Oakland Tribune
01/28/2010 MTI Hosts Fact-Finding Group from Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority Today's THV
01/28/2010 MTI hosts fact-finding mission from Mumbai Forbes
01/28/2010 California rail projects get $2.3 billion stimulus Los Angeles Business Journal
01/27/2010 Homeland Security Science and Technology University Network Summit Eureka Alert
01/26/2010 Florida has inside track on high-speed funding Sacramento Business Journal
01/21/2010 Policy summit examines transportation workforce Everything Long Beach - Top Ten
01/07/2010 Experts give opinions on Bay Area transit troubles San Jose Mercury News
01/06/2010 Ensuring the Growth of California´s Transportation Workforce Long Beach Business Journal
01/01/2010 Transportation Workforce Summit to Address Issues American River Messenger
01/01/2010 N.Y. to boost efforts to curb sexual harassment on subway Metro Magazine
12/28/2009 New Research: Effect of Suburban TODs on Surrounding Property Values Planetizen
12/25/2009 Phoenix area’s light rail system marks first year North County Times
12/21/2009 Effect of TODs on Suburban Land Values Georgia Tech School of Architecture
12/21/2009 Public Transportation Cuts KQED Radio
12/06/2009 Women more afraid to use mass transit KCBS News
12/04/2009 Underground high-speed rail trains at Diridon Station unlikely, rail leaders say San Gabriel Valley Tribune
12/03/2009 High-speed rail board discusses rescinding EIR San Jose Business Journal
11/15/2009 Rail authority approves $9 million PR effort Palo Alto Online
11/06/2009 Stimulus Sparks Scuffle Among High-Speed Rail Boosters New York Times



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