Third National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium

Third National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium


On May 2, 2003, the Mineta Transportation Institute joined numerous authorities in the surface transportation industry with several middle and elementary schools to discuss the topic of sustainable transportation. The purpose of this forum was to expose the students (from Maryland, Virginia, and California) to the many opportunities available to them in transportation-related careers, and to discuss the utilization of many natural resources to develop alternatives to current modes of transportation. Each of the schools participated in a videoconference to present projects for sustainable transportation options for the future. Their ideas included powering buses, cars, light rail, and ultra-light rail systems with solar energy, fuel cells, and wind. The symposium concluded with a question and answer session at the end. This publication is an edited version of the May 2 Forum.


May 2003


Air quality
Alternative fuels
Congestion relief
Fuel cells
High-speed rail
Magnetic levitation
Solar powered vehicles
Transportation safety and security