(NAFTA II) California Border Zone Land Transportation Issues

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(NAFTA II) California Border Zone Land Transportation Issues


The Mineta Transportation Institute at San José State University conducted this study to review the issues, impacts, implications, and opportunities for improved California-Baja California border area land transportation. The study reviews current conditions, previously identified issues, and, in consultation with Caltrans District 11 officials and others, developed an ultimate listing of seven issues for detailed study as follows: (1) public transportation at the border; (2) cross-broder Americans with Disabilities Act interface; (3) California highway access to Tijuana International Airport; (4) Clean Air Act compliance; (5) General Services Administration off-site authority; (6) southbound inspection requirement; and (7) pipelines or other stationary facilities.


As the study proceeded several topics of immediate concern were identified and relayed to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as four recommendations. Observations and findings relating to the above seven issues are summarized and fifteen recommendations concerning them are presented.



George E. Gray is a transportation consultant and a retired employee of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). He has 50 years experience in the transportation field. The first fifteen years were in highway planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operations. Most of his subsequent work was for Caltrans in public transportation, transportation planning, and administration. He has also worked in the private sector and as an advisor on public transportation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the  Office of the Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Department of Transportation. Mr. Gray is a registered professional engineer, a Life Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and has long been active in the Transportation Research Board. He is coeditor with Dr. Lester A. Hoel of the textbook, Public Transportation, is author of numerous transportation studies and reports, and has developed training and education programs in transportation.


George Gray holds a BS CE from Stanford University, an MPA from California State University, San Diego (now San Diego State University), and an ME in transportation planning from the University of California, Davis. His last four years with Caltrans in the San Diego District as Deputy District Director included responsibility for transportation planning, privatization (toll road development), environmental studies, and California-Baja California border transportation issues.

September 2001
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