First National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium

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First National Garrett Morgan Sustainable Transportation Symposium


This year, the Mineta Transportation Institute joined several schools nationwide, as well as authorities in transportation to act as sponsors, to discuss sustainable transportation. The purpose was to expose the children to the opportunities available in transportation-related careers and to discuss utilizing natural resources to develop alternatives to current modes of transportation. Each school presented a short project on sustainable transportation. The symposium included a question and answer session. The keynote speaker was Secretary Norman Mineta. The moderators were Rod Diridon and Trixie Johnson from MTI. The organizer of the event was Dr. D.K. Kung, Professor at San José State University. The main event was a symposium on Sustainable Transportation, held in June 2001. This publication, a transcript and summary of the June symposium is the next step in the information transfer effort.

May 2001



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