Crossing the Bay Water Transit Initiative Forum

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Traffic congestion is always a hot topic. One solution being explored in the Bay Area is expanded ferry service. The Bay Area Council recently completed a study of the Bay Area Water Transit Initiative. In July,
1999, the California Commonwealth Club and the Mineta Transportation Institute teamed up to bring together the public and a panel of experts. This publication is a transcript of that forum, "Crossing the Bay: Water
Transit Initiative Forum."

Panelists included:

  • Randy Shandobil, KTVU Political Reporter— Moderator

  • Bonnie Cox, Co-Executive Director, Commonwealth Club— East Bay

  • Mayor Shirley Dean, Berkeley, CA

  • Rod Diridon, Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute

  • Dr. Gloria Duffy, Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Club of California

  • Dennis Fay, Executive Director, Alameda County Congestion Management Agency

  • Russell Long, Executive Director, Bluewater Network

  • Mayor Gus Morrison, Fremont, CA

  • Sean Randolph, President, Bay Area Economic Forum

July 1999



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